My 2.5 year old is driving me batty with all her questions at the moment. Yesterday I was asked, “Why do we poo?” This morning it was, “Why do the clouds move?” I have to keep reminding myself that I need to encourage this natural curiosity, as it is important for her if she is to become a life-long learner. That need to find out and discover should be nurtured… not squashed because she’s asking it at the wrong time or it’s the hundredth question she’s asked me in the last five minutes… Ok, could possibly be over exaggerating here…

As a teacher who leans towards the co-constructed/inquiry based approach to education, I love encouraging children to ask and find answers to their questions. So naturally, I’ve bought this book for my daughter. This book attempts to answer all those types of questions that children naturally ask such as, “Why is the sky blue?” and “Where does the sun go at night?”  But to say that the questions are just answered isn’t doing the book justice. They are answered in a manner that is so visually creative, that even the most reluctant reader would be encouraged to read the answer. And if you haven’t had all your questions answered with this book – you can read the other book in the series, “Do Dogs Dream?“.

If you think your child might enjoy this book, you can purchase it here. (Please note that this is an affiliate link and that by purchasing the book through this link you are helping me purchase more books for my own children – and therefore review more books for you!)

Written by Nadia

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