Ok, let’s get one thing straight, I love being a parent… But there are certain things that I miss, now I’m a parent. Going to the toilet BY MYSELF would be high on my list, so would be being able to finish my cup of tea while it’s still hot. Another big one is being able to listen to the radio while I’m in the car. I, naively, thought radio was like tv and that during certain times of the day you wouldn’t get swearing or inappropriate content. I guess it all depends on what you classify as inappropriate… But I really don’t want to be explaining to my three year old a lot of the content or language that is on morning radio. So, until recently, I thought that meant I was resigned to listening to Frozen on repeat for the next few years. But a simple email the week before last, changed everything.

See the week before last, I received an email from Sally, who claimed to be the Executive Producer of a Kinderling Radio. She said she’d found my blog and wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing an interview about some of the content I covered on my blog. Naturally I thought it was a hoax. Some spam that had found it’s way to my email… But I checked it out, just in case. Turns out this radio show exists. Very soon, this digital radio station tailored for children 0-6years and their parents, will be live. Say ‘hello’ to being able to listen to the radio and not having to worrying what will be spoken about. Oh the joy of not having to listen to ‘Let It Go’ endlessly on repeat! As a part of the program they will be hosting interviews to cover a variety of topics that affect us as parents. And because it’s tailored for parents, they understand that you might not be able to listen to the conversation episode when it airs live, so they’re going to stream the podcast so you can listen to it whenever your cherubs decide to give you a break.

Chatting with the delightful Shevonne

Chatting with the delightful Shevonne

So yesterday I went up to Sydney to meet with Sally and chat with Shevonne who is the presenter. I cannot begin to tell you how lovely they both are, or how excited I am to be a part of something so special. We recorded two interviews. One about those days when everything that could go wrong, goes wrong, and the other about my son’s journey with reflux. At a later date, I’ll also be speaking about my experience with post-natal depression and my views on children and chores. As you can imagine, when I got home, it was a little difficult to fit through the door because, you know, my head was so big and all now I’m on the radio. But that’s ok, two tantrums from the kids and one poo explosion later, I was put firmly back in my place.

The hidden oasis where Kinderling Radio resides - what a beautiful place to work!

The hidden oasis where Kinderling Radio resides – what a beautiful place to work!