We Never Asked For Wings Book by Vanessa DiffenbaughSometimes I need to escape the world with a good book…. and it’s been one of those weeks. So I thought this week I’d share a book with you that I’ve been reading. We Never Asked For Wings is written by New York Times bestselling author of The Language of Flowers. I haven’t read The Language of Flowers, but after reading We Never Asked For Wings, I’ll definitely be heading over to The Book Depository to buy it.
We Never Asked For Wings is the touching story of Letty Espinosa who, with the support of her parents, works three jobs to provide for her young children, Alex who is fifteen and Luna who is six. However, when Letty’s parents return to Mexico, she struggles with the idea of raising her children herself. If her family is going to thrive, she must repair the bond with her son and find the strength to move her family to a safer neighbourhood and put their lives on to a new path.

This is such a lovely story. You find yourself completely drawn into Letty’s struggles. As a new mum I felt for her. I understood when her faith in herself and her ability to be a good mother to her children wavered. You become further absorbed in her story, following Letty’s journey as she grows into herself and learns what she is truly capable of. It gives us all hope, that we too can become the kind of parent capable of overcoming our own struggles, uniting our family and creating bonds with our children that will last long into adulthood.

We Never Asked for Wings

Author: Vanessa Diffenbaugh

ISBN: 9781447294504

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