I had heard that girls are to their fathers, what sons are to their mothers. I had also heard that boys are more affectionate. So I was quite happy to find out that our second child was to be a son. I was looking forward to lots of cuddles – something our independent daughter is not always so forthcoming with… unless you’re our 50kg dog whom she adores!

20130906-040315.jpg On July 15th we welcomed our little man into the world.
Our family is now considered complete… Although I think my mum still holds out hope for another. We couldn’t be happier and thankfully his sister, who is now eighteen months old, is also smitten with him. Smitten in the same way a young child holds a baby chicken. So as you can imagine, we are having to make sure she doesn’t smother him with her affection. But what a preferred problem/relationship for her to have with him. Especially as I was a little concerned about how she’d react, given that she is so little and I was unsure how much she really understood.

At almost a month along now, he is already making his presence felt. He has an incredible set of lungs. Apart from when he is sleeping, the only time he is quiet is when having a shower with me, or closely studying someone’s face. He grunts like a pig, much to his sister’s delight, and is constantly making snuffling noises if not all out yelling. Very different to what his sister was like.

(This post was written a couple of weeks ago, but sleep deprivation has caused a delay in posting. Reasons for which will become clearer in my next post).

Written by Nadia

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