This week has been quite exciting! A week of ‘firsts’ for my little man. Which is why I think we’ve begun to turn that magical corner! It began with a close friend coming to visit with her little girl. My little man decided that it was a good time to see if he could fit a grump in. Fortunately my friend’s little girl was also a proficient screamer and I remembered this when she offered to hold him. I gladly handed him over, knowing she wouldn’t be rattled by his crying. He resisted at first with a little pout and grizzle but my friend wasn’t even phased, even though this would be when most people would hesitate. And you know what – within a few minutes she had him in fits of giggles. It was so wonderful to see him not just laughing, but bursting with laughter!

This past week has also seen our little man take to solids. Given his insatiable appetite at the first few feeds, I upped his feeds to two a day and probably a half cup of food. Much more than my daughter was eating when she started solids! Starting my little man on solids early was a suggestion by two different pediatricians, in an effort to help his bowels out (it’s his bowels that often wake him during his sleep). Appears to be working a treat. I suspect this is the reason for another one of his ‘firsts’ – a nappy without a poo! If you’ve had children then I’m sure you understand how secretly pleasing it is when it’s your turn to change the nappy and it doesn’t have a poo. In the first few months you change their nappy 6-10 times a day. So imagine our joy when we got the first nappy of his without poo! It only took 18weeks! (I realise I may have disgusted a lot of people now, but it is amazing how much of your life revolves around poop and vomit when you have young children).

Our other first, my favourite first, is that our little man has begun to sleep for six hours without assistance! We could dwell instead on how my daughter was doing this at eight weeks, where he has taken eighteen… But no! Let’s just revel instead that he has finally reached a point where I can get a decent rest!! He has done this for four nights in a row! Cannot begin to express how happy I am.

Written by Nadia

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