Some of the delights you can take home with you at Thyme to Taste

Some of the delights you can take home with you at Thyme to Taste (other than the delicious food)

I love fine food – not necessarily expensive food. Expensive doesn’t always guarantee good quality. It’s often difficult to find a truly good cafe in country towns. Especially when you’ve been spoilt in Sydney. But Thyme to Taste in Yass the is a lovely surprise.

Before children, I regularly sampled many fine eating establishments in Sydney, from Bill’s in Paddington and Surry Hills, to Public Dining Room and The Bathers Pavillion in Balmoral, Mamak and New Shanghai in Chatswood… I could go on. the prices varied but the quality was the same – flawless and scrumptious. The owner of Thyme to Taste prides himself on knowing most of the producers from where he acquires his raw ingredients. Although it is just a tiny cafe, it is well worth the visit. For me, it’s also a chance to stock up on my Simon Johnson and Maggie Beer products.

Usually I am very ‘lucky’ in that my daughter has rather refined taste buds. She will happy eat my lemon curd tart if I’m not looking, or pile my expensive goats cheese on her water cracker. So she isn’t necessarily the fussiest eater. But she can be. She is a two year old after all. What she will and won’t eat changes with the wind. So it really bugs me when I go out to eat and I have to buy her a meal that costs almost as much as mine and one she is just as likely to decide she doesn’t want to eat. After one bite she has suddenly had enough. Because two year olds do that when you’ve just paid a ridiculous price for a meal. But that’s where Thyme to Taste has earnt itself a place as my regular meal stop. They see you walk in with young children and they don’t expect you to fork out for their fancy and absolutely divine pulled pork sandwich (which is actually very reasonably priced) on a two year old who won’t appreciate it. Nor do they expect you to want to give them highly processed chicken nuggets as a “kids meal” option (my other pet hate about eating out with toddlers). Instead they will offer to make whatever sandwich is flavor of the day for said child. Usually a grilled cheese in my house. And with a 9month old on finger food – it’s brilliant for him too. So everyone is happy – including my wallet.

The seating area out the back is a little dated/tired/in need of repair… But I think it’s supposed to be part of their charm?? I don’t think I’m that kind of trendy. Like most of our cafe experiences, we are more of the grab and run kind. Much kinder to the other patrons, and less stress for us. Our two are very active, so sitting down to a meal is a luxury we don’t have. In this case, we head down to Riverbank Park where we can enjoy our meal by the river and there is also an awesome park for young children to play in.


Oh, and for the Facebook savvy – they have a page so you can get updates about when they have fresh bread in, whose produce is in stock and what’s been freshly delivered. Very handy indeed!

Written by Nadia

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