There was a girl in the city and she loved rainbows.

The Girl Who Made Rainbows

What would you do if the thing you loved most, one day disappeared altogether? That was what this little girl was faced with, when one day it stopped raining. Without rain, she couldn’t see her beloved rainbows.
This charming little book takes us on a journey to find the rainbows in ordinary life. Mixed media is used throughout the book and I think it suits the story perfectly as it allows you to see the story in reality. Not to mention it captures the wonderful street art around Sydney! A nice break from the standard picture book illustrations. The little girl reminds me of those iconic Banksy images, as she pops up all over the city in search or rainbows. If you wanted to read a little deeper, this is also a wonderful story of self-empowerment and making your own magic. Me? I like the cute story and the intriguing pictures.

The Girl Who Made Rainbows

What you need to know about this book;

Title: The Girl Who Made RainbowsThe Girl Who Made Rainbows

Story: Peter Warrington

Photos & Design: Rachel William

Illustrations: Robyn Chiles

Publisher: Self published (

ISBN: 978-0-646-90327-9

Awards: Top 10 Kids + Teens Bestsellers of 2013 Rank #2

Written by Nadia



So glad you liked it Pete! I was delighted when I discovered your book at the National Gallery of Australia. I only ever review my favourite books and this is such a lovely story. My daughter loves it too. To this day, she is still a little rainbow obsessed.

Peter Warrington

That’s lovely. If you email me your address we can send your daughter one of our wooden rainbow brooch sets. Cheers Pete


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