Sometimes you manage to find a place where everything just works. The food is always delicious and cooked just right. The staff are informative and can actually tell you about what’s on the menu – and most importantly the staff actually serve you, are polite and get your order right. The atmosphere also has a great vibe with a good mix of people. The food and service is consistent and reliable, meaning you know you are going to get a great meal with prompt and friendly service… And then there are the ultra fantastic places who do all this and cater for children!! The Cupping Room is all that.

CuppingRoom TheCuppingRoom_Pancakes

I’ve lost count the number of times we’ve eaten at The Cupping Room, and by we I mean – I’ve eaten there by myself, with the children, with my mum, with friends. Yup. I’ve eaten there A LOT! Through all these visits, the worst I can come up with, is that when they are really busy (read they have a queue up the street waiting for tables) sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the attention of a waiter.



The Cupping Room doesn’t actively cater for children. They have a children’s menu, but you won’t find high chairs or children’s cutlery or colouring in kits. But there are several reasons why I still think this is child friendly. When I walk in with screaming children, I can order a bowl of fries before we even sit down and within minutes they arrive at our table. Wonderful. Now the screaming has stopped I can actually think, sit down, relax (somewhat – I still have toddlers so you’re never truly relaxed) and order my food. There is also a grass area outside so that if your children begin to suffer from cabin fever – you can send them out for a run. They also don’t care if you take over the table with all manner of child related things, as you can see from the picture below!

TheCuppingRoom TheCuppingRoom TheCuppingRoom_Coffee

The Cupping Room is located on University Avenue in Canberra, and while this place has scrumptious food, Coffee is what it’s all based around so make sure you try their seasonal blend. It is always busy around lunchtime so either arrive early or be prepared for a little wait (this is where that grass area comes in handy if you’re waiting with children). If you can’t wait, just make sure you order their Caramel Popcorn Milkshake to take away, you won’t regret it!


Written by Nadia



Their milkshakes are amazing aren’t they! You can’t underestimate the humble milkshake – especially when you have children!


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