Looking North (sort of NNW to be precise). I keep including the dead tree as we want to put our house almost exactly where that it.

Looking North (sort of NNW to be precise). You can see the road on the top right. I keep including the dead tree as we want to put our house almost exactly where that it.

It’s getting a little serious and quite panicky in our house. This time next week I will be spending my first night in our rental in Yass. Of course there is some nervous excitement too! As the pictures come off the walls and the boxes fill our house, the reality of what we’re doing is undeniable.

We are ticking off all our last minute things – buying a bed for my parents (and guests hopefully) to sleep in, writing a list of what will come in the car with us and what will go in the moving truck, deciding  who will drive what car, who will drive the children and who drives the dog (my husband did, at one stage, suggested I take both – Ha! Can you imagine!?! Points for trying but it was never going to happen).

So this is our plan (feel free to poke holes). The whole moving with two children has meant I am approaching this with military precision. I’ve never moved house with a dog, let alone two children under two, let alone move somewhere that is over a three hour car trip away. Saturday is when the removalists come. I’m a little nervous, especially since they don’t arrive until midday, that they won’t make it to Yass in time to unload the furniture for our children’s bed time of 7pm. Bedtime is hectic at the best of times, so I can’t imagine trying to do it while supervising unloading furniture or trying to put them to bed without furniture. In an effort to make things a little more organised, my mum (a.k.a. The Saint) has offered to travel with me and the children on Friday. This way we can start to clean and set up the essentials, hopefully making a smoother transition. My husband will come down the same day with our dog and a trailer full of essentials. I think the only one who needs their actual bed is our son. Being only four months old, he really does need to sleep in his bassinet. My mum, daughter and I will sleep on a mattress on the floor. We could take the bed but I can’t see myself putting it together. I think my time would be better spent cleaning and getting my head around the house, so when the removalists arrive, all we have to do is unpack. I can send boxes to specific rooms, having already figured out which rooms will be used for what. My husband will drive back that night. Having an entire night to himself in our bed, without any children, or the dog – I consider this a holiday. He will get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I would drive a lot more than six hours in one day if I thought I could have a night of interrupted sleep. Not to mention the removalists don’t arrive until midday so he can sleep in – read, “Husband has now lost the right to complain about anything for the next year because he gets a night of uninterrupted sleep and a sleep in.”

Saturday will see mum and I clean cupboards, bathrooms and unpack the essentials. As well as, hopefully, take a walk with the children and our dog to survey the 11acres that will be our home for the next two years or so. The following Friday is my birthday, so I’m hoping to be unpacked and settled in by then. Dad (who it must be noted is going without his wife in order for this to happen) will drive down on Thursday, missing the bedlham and arriving just in time for us to test out Gundaroo’s finest restaurant, Grazing, for my birthday.

Well that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes

Written by Nadia

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