The Butcher The Baker and The Merrymaker

Pialligo Estate are running a series of events, from the 1st to the 31st of July, around the theme The Butcher, The Baker and The Merrymaker. The idea is to capture the essence of the Northern Hemisphere, complete with all the trimmings of a European Christmas – think Glühwein, Schnapps, Christmas pudding, glazed ham and fine wine. In the words of Charlie Costelloe, Pialligo Estate’s general manager, “Canberrans tend to hibernate during our colder months. So we’re taking inspiration from the Northern Hemisphere tradition of celebrating winter, showing off the very best warming dishes, drinks and produce in events that will excite the tastebuds.”

Last night I was invited to attend a little taster of what is to come in July. Oh my goodness, the spread was as beautiful as it was tasty!

The festivities kick off with a Midwinter Christmas Feast. The picture above is a good indication of the festive feast you can expect. What it doesn’t show is the live music, open fireplaces and beautiful surrounds that only add to the ambiance. In addition to that James Madden from Flinder’s Island Meat and Michael Kay from Cape Grim Beef will conduct master classes educating us in all things meat, from carving up lamb to the differences between the cuts of meat and the benefits of each cut. Kirsty will share her perfect pudding secrets and Pact Beer will show you how to match beer to meal. If you love food, Pialligo Estate is the place to be in July!

Pialligo Estate table


Pialligo Estate is located at 18 Kallaroo Rd, Pialligo in the Australian Capital Territory. They pride themselves on their seasonal menu which brings together the best produce from local artisan food producers who practice sustainable farming. Pialligo Estate also have their own farm, olive grove and vineyard, not to mention their hatted Farmhouse Restaurant!

Written by Nadia


Elaine J Masters

It’s sounding like Australia is a foodies paradise! I love that you attended a ‘taster’ event about Christmas in July too. Lovely combinations of foods and purveyors to help put together great feasts on your own.


I think Australia is trying very hard! The bonus for Australia is that we span such a lot of climatic zones, we can grow almost everything within our own country.

Anna @ shenANNAgans

What a lovely idea! I am so enjoying that Canberra is stepping up and accepting all its foodie awesomeness, and not hibernating and missing out on all the delicious warming eats. Just need to figure out how to have snow and it would be perfect! Very cool to be a part of this fun Christmas in July taster too, I reckon the Pact Beer event would be fun, as would the gin dinner.


We’ve bought tickets to the Feather and Bone masterclass!! I would love to go to PACT beer too but we only had the budget for one event….


What a lovely idea to capture such diverse meals for Christmas. The classes about all things meat sound like a lot of fun. What a fabulous event to be invited to. Wish I could be there for the main event in July 🙂 Enjoy


I have been reading so much lately about all the great foodie events in Canberra. I had absolutely no idea it was such a hotbed of food experiences. The Northern Hemisphere Xmas meal would be great for the ACT too with the weather at least being a little cooler. Couldn’t do it quite so well up in Qld. Winter apparently up here now, although you wouldn’t know it 🙂


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