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Chores & Children: The what, how and why.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend and the topic of chores came up. She wanted to know if my children did chores. Keep in mind, my son is 18months and my daughter has just turned 3. I replied, “Of course.” See, I hadn’t ever thought that children wouldn’t do chores. When I… Read more »

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Death threats are not usually something you’d expect to receive as an author, but this was Amy Chua‘s reality after the Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from her book ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’. It is possibly the most controversial book relating to modern parenting. When it was published in 2011, heated discussion… Read more »

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Bringing Up Bébé

When I ask French parents how they discipline their children, it takes them a few beats just to understand what I mean, “Ah, you mean how do we educate them?” they ask. “Discipline,” I soon realise, is a narrow, seldom-used category that deals with punishment. Whereas “educating” (which has nothing to do with school) is… Read more »

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Is male circumcision a taboo?

Having a little girl, I’d never given this much thought… But a recent court ruling in Cologne has argued that it should be illegal to circumcise your son for religious reasons, unless he gives consent. This has stirred up great debate amongst religious communities. I hadn’t even considered the religious argument… But then I haven’t… Read more »