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A Brutally Honest Rant

Apart from when we were admitted to hospital, I stopped updating friends and family on my son’s progress because, to be brutally honest, most people’s comments annoyed me. Actually if we’re being brutally honest most people’s comments really pissed me off. If you met someone with only one leg, you wouldn’t say, “Well at least… Read more »

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It may not be the end of the tunnel, but there is a light!

This week has been quite exciting! A week of ‘firsts’ for my little man. Which is why I think we’ve begun to turn that magical corner! It began with a close friend coming to visit with her little girl. My little man decided that it was a good time to see if he could fit… Read more »

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The Countdown

It’s getting a little serious and quite panicky in our house. This time next week I will be spending my first night in our rental in Yass.¬†Of course there is some nervous excitement too! As the pictures come off the walls and the boxes fill our house, the reality of what we’re doing is undeniable.

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When Hope Is Problematic

I write this, sitting in the dark at 4am, with my knee rocking my little man’s bassinet trying to get him to sleep. My left shoulder is cold as my shirt is soaked in vomit and I have the sneaky suspicion there is some in my hair too. I have been awake every 30-40minutes with… Read more »

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Off! Off! Off! Me! Me! Me!

Ok, so it’s approximately 6pm. Dinner is finished. Actually my daughter has finished but my husband and I are still eating. Now cue the fun!

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Our Tree Change (Am I old enough for a mid-life crisis?)

This is it. My family is going to pursue our dream of greener pastures, literally. When we bought our house, we thought our 900 plus square meter block was HUGE. We quickly set about major renovations, taking out asbestos walls, completely re-painting all of the interior and exterior, major landscaping – a blog entry all… Read more »

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The Saga Continues

So our story continues. The last few weeks may not have offered any solutions but there has been significant improvement from the first two months of his life. In week 9 we saw our little man smile for the first time! And what a tremendous smile he has! His whole face lights up. His smile… Read more »

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Presenting a Perfect Image

By the 9th week of my little boy’s life and the whole reflux/no sleep thing hadn’t really improved, even with half the pharmacy. That week with my son asleep in my arms and my daughter snuggled asleep beside me, I broke down and cried. It had all finally become too much. Problem was, once I… Read more »

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Trusting your instincts

Looking back now, those early days of crying were a tell-tale indicator. However we had a few other distractions. Whilst breastfeeding was going well this time (because, lets be honest, when something with a tongue akin to a cat’s is sucking at and pulling your nipple in ways that defeat imagination, you’d never say its… Read more »

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Death threats are not usually something you’d expect to receive as an author, but this was Amy Chua‘s reality after the Wall Street Journal published an excerpt from her book ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’. It is possibly the most controversial book relating to modern parenting. When it was published in 2011, heated discussion… Read more »