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The ‘how to’ of coping with sleep deprivation

Many years ago, but not so many they’ve been forgotten, a first-time mum went back to work. She had a certain spring in her step. A joy in her eyes. And while she missed her little angel, she was happy to be back in a world of adults, relishing with new passion the challenges of… Read more »

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Crazy Things I’ve Done Due to Sleep Deprivation

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that sleep has been something that is scarce in our house. In the year that my son has been alive, I would count myself lucky if I’ve managed more than ten nights where I’ve slept more than six hours without being woken up. Early on with my… Read more »

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Cause for Celebration

The 3rd of May was a joyous day! It was celebrated with a happy dance in the early hours of the morning. It wasn’t my wedding anniversary. Nor was it my birthday, or the day Little Miss was born. It was the day I was blessed with eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.