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Precious Moments

When you’re a parent of a baby with reflux disease, much of the time is spent holding your baby is while they scream and thrash about in pain. You don’t really have those moments of soft cuddles, enjoying their newborn smell or how peaceful they look snuggled in your arms. Those blissful parenting moments. Even… Read more »

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It may not be the end of the tunnel, but there is a light!

This week has been quite exciting! A week of ‘firsts’ for my little man. Which is why I think we’ve begun to turn that magical corner! It began with a close friend coming to visit with her little girl. My little man decided that it was a good time to see if he could fit… Read more »

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Trusting your instincts

Looking back now, those early days of crying were a tell-tale indicator. However we had a few other distractions. Whilst breastfeeding was going well this time (because, lets be honest, when something with a tongue akin to a cat’s is sucking at and pulling your nipple in ways that defeat imagination, you’d never say its… Read more »

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We Have a Son!

I had heard that girls are to their fathers, what sons are to their mothers. I had also heard that boys are more affectionate. So I was quite happy to find out that our second child was to be a son. I was looking forward to lots of cuddles – something our independent daughter is… Read more »

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Baby Survival 0-4mths

Ok, we all know that a baby needs a cot, nappies, wipes etc… Here are some things that I’ve bought that have saved my sanity many times!! (and no, I’m not sponsored by any of these companies)

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Touch Me Not!

Rewind eight months and I’m at work, standing at the coffee machine getting my only caffeine fix of the day, my morning ritual. Suddenly I feel something on my very pregnant belly. I look down to see a hand… Not my hand.

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Did you know that newborns cry with an accent?

We all know that the Scottish accent sounds completely different to the Australian accent or the New Zealand accent. But what about babies? When exactly do we start to sound different?  According to this article, we sound different from when we are two days old! BBC also have an interesting article on how babies memorise stimuli… Read more »

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Cloth Curious

If you’re a woman, I’m sure at some point you’ve been told, usually by an older, female family member, to always wear nice underwear incase you get hit by a bus. I was. Many times. Over the years I began to love wearing this ‘nice’ underwear. Particularly as my salary increased and I could buy… Read more »

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Bottle-fed Guilt

The World Health Organisation recommends that babies be exclusively be breastfed until they are six months of age. So does the National Health and Medical Research Council. If you go to the Pigeon website and want to look at their bottles, you first have to read a blurb that, amongst other things, says: “The WHO… Read more »

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Even the experts are unclear…

I take great comfort in knowing that I am not the only one still working things out and doubting if I’ve made the right choices. Back to the Future on Breastfeeding looks at the most recent views on when to introduce solids. I like the quote at the end from Professor Cathrine Fowler… a very… Read more »