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A Tale of Two Mother’s Groups

Mothers’ groups are funny things. Kind of like a cross between speed dating and forming high school friendships. You meet a bunch of women, once a week, for the first few weeks of your bubs life. The only thing you’re guaranteed of having in common is that you all have bubs born within about a… Read more »

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When Hope Is Problematic

I write this, sitting in the dark at 4am, with my knee rocking my little man’s bassinet trying to get him to sleep. My left shoulder is cold as my shirt is soaked in vomit and I have the sneaky suspicion there is some in my hair too. I have been awake every 30-40minutes with… Read more »

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Trusting your instincts

Looking back now, those early days of crying were a tell-tale indicator. However we had a few other distractions. Whilst breastfeeding was going well this time (because, lets be honest, when something with a tongue akin to a cat’s is sucking at and pulling your nipple in ways that defeat imagination, you’d never say its… Read more »