This week hasn’t been as interesting as the past few weeks and certainly doesn’t make for as nice photos. But yet it was just as important. We found a wonderful farmer in Murrumbateman where we could buy massive hay bales from. We’ll be using these to lay over our orchard. We wanted to make sure we got header trail straw. This wasn’t as easy as we first thought. Many people advertise they have header trail straw but when you call them to ask, it’s not really the case. Header trail straw is better as it hasn’t been raked up off the ground, so theoretically it shouldn’t contain seeds from weeds which might be present on the ground. We saw an episode of Gardening Australia where they mentioned that grass can really stunt the growth of your fruit trees. We’re hoping the straw will stunt the growth of the grass, as well as lock moisture in the soil.

Three massive hay bales in the trailer behind the 4WD


The other job was one for my husband. We managed to save $2000 by hiring a 1.8 ton excavator and digging the trench for the phone line ourselves. Keep in mind it took my husband an entire day, pretty much sun up to sun down, to get it down… and we didn’t factor in his time into the cost. 

The trench from the fence to the house looks like a gopher tunnel

I decided that it would be a great idea to take the kids to Spotlight by myself during this time, rather than trying to entertain them at home. I was hoping to grab a bargain in their 30% off fabric sale.

My children are sitting inside the trolley which is parked in front of all the yarn that's on special

I realise it’s not how you’re supposed to contain children, but it worked for all of ten minutes. Which was enough time for me to grab some yarn that was on special. Overall, terrible idea. I got those looks from all the other mothers who’d managed to find someone to look after their children so they could get some child free time at Spotlight. Evidently they don’t have husbands digging trenches on a farm…

Other than that, my week has been filled with trying to sleep. Both my children have started waking up through the night. They both seem to have really vivid nightmares. I know this because, not only do they talk non-stop during the day, they also talk in their sleep. So I have a pretty good idea on what their nightmares are about. My daughter’s revolve around pirates (go figure) and my son has been waking up screaming, “No, my toy!” and then proceeding to cry. Poor sod.


If you’ve missed out on the start of our tree change – catch up with our story from the first post.

Written by Nadia

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