Body image is something we all seem to battle with. I don’t think I’ve ever been happy with my body. I know that even when I was playing copious amounts of sport and was really quite petite, I still wasn’t happy. I hated the constant callouses on my hands from hours upon hours of gymnastics training and the way my limbs were really muscular. When I was in my teens, I didn’t think muscles were pretty. Now, I’d give anything to have those muscles back!

Claire from Life on Wallace is standing in front of a white picket fence, wearing a white cotton, capped sleeve blouse with some red embroidery on the bodice, over slim jeans. Her tiny baby bump is barely visablePregnancy changes your body in so many ways. I’d love to be one of those mums who is at peace with my ‘new’ body, but I’m not. Nor do I think I’m particularly stylish. Consequently, the idea of posting selfies is a little bit much for me at the moment. But I follow quite a few mums on Instagram who do. Claire from Life on Wallace is one of them. She is always posting photos of what she’s wearing that day. It’s achievable style. Style that works with both a mother’s physique and a mother’s lifestyle – be that heading to work after school drop off, or running errands. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking through the pages of Vogue or InStyle… but when I’m looking for a look I can re-create, it’s usually going to be other mum’s I’ll take advice from. On the weekend, Claire let me know about a hashtag on Instagram, #realmumstyle You might already know it. I didn’t. Now I have a whole heap of people to take cues from. Because after I’ve dressed two children and weighed in on what my husband should be wearing that day, I don’t have the mental energy to think about my wardrobe!

And it’s not just about getting their style tips. Actually, that’s not even the main reason why I love this hashtag. I love this hashtag because it’s a collection of mums saying (well what I imagine they’re saying) – it’s ok we don’t look like a supermodel, we’re so happy with our bodies and our style that we’re going to post pictures of ourselves out there on the world-wide-internet. Now that kind of confidence has to be applauded. So when I look at all their pictures, I don’t necessarily always like their style, but I always LOVE their confidence.

In case you’re interested, here are some of my favourite women on Instagram;

Claire has posted a picture of her husband and her two boys, and herself, with a 'plus' sign inbetween them and that they will equal 7, because she is pregnant with twins!

Claire’s style is going to be especially interesting to follow now!

Em Hawker is standing on her deck wearing jeans with knee-high brown leather boots, a white long sleeve t-shirt with a green knit vest over hit, a blue knit scarf hanging either side of her neck. Her short brown hair is peaking out of a moss green grandpa cap. The Fly Mommy is wearing a bright yellow dress with pineapple print. She is standing in front of a mixed red/brown brick wall. Rattles and Heels is leaning against a red brick wall, wearing a crisp white blouse, and a yellow flared, knee-high skirt with a black print design on it. Her tight black ringlets have been let free to hang about her face in that casual I just wake up like this look. Bec is standing in front of a white wall, wearing a black and white stripe, long sleeve cotton tunic, with a long tan sleeveless shrug over it, black leggings and tan boots. Reeve and Co Styling is wearing a navy, off the shoulder cotton tee with thin white stripes and black slim leg jeans, with white canvas sneakers.


 Ok, so Lauren from The Thud may not use the hashtag, but I like her style AND her honesty. 

Lauren is wearing her baby Pop on her front while pouring out some cake batter, with the comment, "If Chris Hemsworth has taught me anything, it's that a cake hasn't really been baked unless you post a photo of the process on Instagram. If possible, you should use the opportunity to display your hulking biceps by pretending you are mixing the batter by hand (because we are supposed to believe that f**king THOR doesn't own a KitchenAid? Give them a call man. I'm sure they'd hook you up." Lauren from the Thud is wearing her hair, in what she intended to be that tousled style, but it's failed and just looks like a mess.

Written by Nadia


Bron from Flat Bum Mum

So glad you have found inspiration in the #realmstyle hashtag. It’s exactly why I created it. Our worth as a woman should be more than the size of our thighs. Now to get the courage to play along….


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