We are on the cusp of one of our busiest times at work. Reports are being written, assessments are being done and others are being marked, and there is the never ending task of writing programs. 

Of course, children often pick your busiest times to be sick. This week it’s been my son. My husband had meetings he couldn’t miss, so it was my turn to stay at home. But in a way I was glad. We were both tired as he hadn’t been able to sleep, so when nap time came around I took up the opportunity for a joint snuggle in my bed. The one on one cuddles, not hurried or rushed by other family members wanting things, was bliss… and just like when he was a bub, he slowly succumbed to the land of nod. And I lay watching him, quietly willing the moment to never end.

All too soon his days of wanting to fall sleep in my lap will be over…


Written by Nadia

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Is it terrible that I still love it when my kids are sick and want snuggles! They get fewer and fewer as they get older and older. xoxo


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