“Press Here” by Herve Tullet is a book made for boys. It always amazes me how boys need to touch and press everything. I realise not ALL boys and SOME girls also come under this category – but for me, boys stand out as compulsive button pressers.  That’s why this book is made for boys. On each page you are instructed to do something (and the argument could also be made that males need  practise in following instructions LOL), it might be “rub the dot on the left”, or “tilt the page to the left”. When you turn the page, you see the outcome of following this instruction. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity! And now, it’s available as an iPad app with special games!!


If you think your child would enjoy the challenge of following these instructions which have humorous outcomes, you can purchase the book here. (Please note that the link is an affiliate link. By purchasing the book through this link you are helping support my picture book addiction, as well as provide me with the opportunity to review more picture books for you!)

Written by Nadia

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