This is by far my favourite salad, and it’s just gotten a little better since I discovered Wilgro’s boutique vinegars. I’ve used their Quince Vinegar for this and it complimented the blue cheese in this salad beautifully. You might remember the delightful team from Wilgro in my post about the Batlow Cider Festival. They were the kind souls who offered my children another bottle of apple juice for free – just so they wouldn’t have to share (and to stop them arguing!)

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Toasted Walnuts

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Wilgro Quince VinegarIngredients:

1 handful of walnuts for each person

1/2 pear for each (I used Beurré Bosc)

blue cheese

mixed green salad leaves (I use a mixture of rocket, spinach, chard, sorrel, red oak leaf lettuce – but if you wanted to be simple, just pick up a bag of Mesclun)

2 tbs Wilgro Quince vinegar

3 tbs olive oil




1. Lightly toast walnuts in a pan.

2. Combine olive oil and vinegar to make the vinaigrette dressing. (I put them in an empty glass jar and shake it)

3. Slice the pear thinly.

4. Toss the salad with the pear.

5. Crumble blue cheese over the salad and then lightly coat with vinaigrette dressing.


Competition Time!

Wilgro were kind enough to send me some of their vinegars to try, and they don’t want you to miss out either! If you’d like to try Wilgro’s boutique range of vinegars, I have a Blueberry vinegar to give away. Just click on the link to my Facebook page and comment who’d you’d like to share a salad with – because anyone who says you can’t make friends with salad hasn’t had salad with Wilgro’s vinegar! A winner will be chosen at random (unfortunately only open to Australian citizens and will close on Wednesday 14th October 2015).

However, if you can’t wait, head over to Wilgro’s website to discover more about their vinegar and where you can buy it from!


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Written by Nadia



this salad looks and sounds fabulous. My favorite salad for years was blanched broccoli and peach slices with blue-cheese dressing. Amazing! 🙂


Any time you want to do a recipe swap – let me know! Salads are not my forte and, given the size of my increasing waistline, I think I need to add a few more salad ideas to my collection!


The hubs and I are massive blue cheese fans (having gorged on Roquefort all over France years ago!). The kids think we are mad, but they will come ’round… x


Wow! What a way to develop your love of blue cheese. Very jealous! I haven’t been to France yet. Maybe in a few years when the children are a little older. What was your favourite place?


I’m trying to become more adventurous. I’m lucky to have Wilgro Orchard supporting me in my endeavour – starting with the best!


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