Children and Cold Weather: Five considerations every parent should be aware of.

As you know, we live on a hobby farm. So staying inside, even when it’s freezing outside, isn’t an option. Fences still need to be mended, trees and other things need to be checked, pipes freeze and burst and require fixing… the list goes on. And then there is the charm of picking up icicles… Read more »

An all white bedspread with all white pillows, white walls and sheer white curtains. In the foreground the Little National paper is lying with two champagne glasses and a bottle of Moet.

Burbury Hotel and Apartments – my weekend staycation with the kids

In the years we’ve lived just north of Canberra, we’ve been to and reviewed so many different places and events in Canberra, so when people come and visit, I can pull together an itinerary for anyone… except that I can’t answer one question – Which hotel should we stay at? So when my husband decided… Read more »

Book Review & Giveaway! Those Pleasant Girls by Lia Weston

What would you do if you finally plucked up the courage to leave your philandering husband? Take your teenage daughter and move back into your childhood home in the small town where you spent all of your childhood years? Doesn’t sound so bad… A quick google on your high school crush tells you that he’s a lot… Read more »

Contentious Character Winery and Restaurant

With over thirty wineries located within a thirty minute drive of Canberra, we are positively spoilt for cellar doors to visit. However, if you want to have a nice meal with your wine… then the choices become rather limited – especially if you want a proper meal, rather than just pizza or cheese platters. But… Read more »

Farm Update: April 2017

Nothing like a conversation with real farmers to remind you of how unrealistic your best intentions were… Ok, on re-reading that first sentence it sounds like these farmers are being awful. They aren’t. They are wonderful. It’s just that they completely understand the monumental amount of work we’ve taken on (because they live this life… Read more »

Teaching the Next Generation about Fruit & Vegetables

Let’s buy a hobby farm and grow everything we want to eat! How wonderful will it be for the children to have a hands on understanding of where their good comes from. Sounds like an awesome plan, doesn’t it? Depending on who you are and what your experience is, you’ll either be swept up with… Read more »

Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社) Red Tori gates lined up one after the other

Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社)

Fushimi Inari (伏見稲荷大社) is a Shinto Shrine located at the base of Mt Inari in Kyoto. Inari, is the God of rice and is also seen as the patron saint of business. So you can imagine, this is a very important shrine to the Japanese! The foxes you see around the shrine, which my son… Read more »

Canberra’s Enlighten Night Noodle Market (with toddlers)

 Last night I took the kids to Canberra’s Enlighten Night Noodle Market. Just me, a 3yr old and a 5yr old… Yup. But there were a few things that made this year much more manageable with children.   More food stalls! This year there are 21 different vendors. More places meant the queues were slightly smaller. But… Read more »

Designing our Kitchen

Let me start by saying – I am not an interior designer, but I am an avid cook. I love, love, LOVE cooking. I have also cooked in many different kitchens and designed three of my own. So while I might not be stylish, I am practical and I actually cook. Which is more than I can… Read more »

High Tea at the Burbury Hotel in Canberra

My mother and I have a tradition of catching up over high tea that started when I was in university. Since then, going to high tea has become a much loved ritual I share with my friends too. There is something quite wonderful and special about sitting down with a glass of champagne and tiers of… Read more »

  • Book Review: The Story of London, in association with the Museum of London

    When I finished university it seemed like a right of passage for most of my friends to go and work in London. Whilst I chose to live in Japan for a year instead, I had a blast visiting friends in London. Being a bit of a Museum enthusiast (if there is such a thing) it didn’t take… Read more »

  • Finding Dory at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

    A little while ago my daughter and I snuck off to Sydney for some mummy-daughter bonding. My Little Miss was most excited because she knew we were going to SEA LIFE Aquarium at Sydney Harbour. We hadn’t been there since she her brother had been born. Needless to say, we are big fans of the… Read more »

  • Inundated – the word of the week

    Inundated is my word of the week. I think it describes the last few weeks actually… You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet in blog land of late. That’s because I’ve been… (wait for it…) inundated! Work has been chaotic. A sort of organised chaos but that sort of chaos that has… Read more »

  • Quiet Moments

    We are on the cusp of one of our busiest times at work. Reports are being written, assessments are being done and others are being marked, and there is the never ending task of writing programs.  Of course, children often pick your busiest times to be sick. This week it’s been my son. My husband… Read more »

  • Dear Disney, I have a favour to ask… Please don’t forget my son.

    Disney have released a video on YouTube which re-brands the whole ‘Princess’ phenomenon. Until my daughter started pre-school, she was completely oblivious to all this. But now she has been completely informed. It’s all tiaras, ball gowns, dancing and pink in our house at the moment. So I really appreciate the change of pace that latest… Read more »

  • The various coloured resin bowls and bangles sit on top of their pink silicone moulds.

    Getting Crafty Like a Fox with Mikaela Danvers – Resin Bangles

    I have a few friends who have that rather cool style that you can only get when you buy those one-of-a-kind pieces that you pick up at markets which specialise in hand-made goods. That or they are truly talented and make it for themselves. I admire them. How they pull together colours and patterns effortlessly. I… Read more »

  • A few grass seeds have germinated in the foreground. A lone tree stands, out of focus, in the distance.

    Little things…

    Since moving to our property, things haven’t really been going our way. Much of it from trying to take on too much too soon. We lost quite a few trees in the summer heat for example. In hindsight, we were a little naive. So when we decided to invest a few thousand dollars in top… Read more »

  • A very modern looking Romeo and Juliet. Juliet stands with heavy eye makeup, looking directly act the camera, while Romeo has his arm lazily over her should, with his shirt half unbutton. Although both of them are in period costume, Juliet looks like she is wearing one of Romeo's shirts.

    Romeo and Juliet – a Bell Shakespeare production

    Last night I attended the opening night of Romeo and Juliet at the Canberra Theatre, thanks to Bell Shakespeare company. I think high school English teachers have a lot to answer for in relation to many people’s (mine included) obsession with Romeo and Juliet. Partly because they choose to study this play right when girls are… Read more »

  • The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon

      “Out of the thousands of children born every single day, at least one of them will turn out to be a dreamer.”   This is by far my favourite quote from the book The Doldrums and really sets the tone for the book. I absolutely loved reading this book and cannot wait until my… Read more »

  • Country Life – Is it living up to our expectations?

    It’s been a little over two years since we moved from Sydney, to the Yass Valley. Although we weren’t able to move straight onto our property (it took two years to get the house, water tank, septic system and various other necessities built), we have lived in a rural area all this time. So do… Read more »