Canberra Centre Masterclass: Decoding Colour with Lucy Feagins from The Design Files

The Canberra Centre’s second stage of The Monaro Mall redevelopment has opened will a whole new range of masterclasses targeted to helping you understand how to style your modern home. November kicked off with Donna Hay and Lucy Feagins. This blog post is all about Lucy Feagins and her tips on how to understand colour… Read more »

A panorama photo of the finished garden beds, filled with soil.

Building our Raised Bed Potager Garden

While most of our property has a great layer of fertile top soil, near the house is a different story. We did a site cut where we put the house, so all the top soil was moved to allow for a large flat house site, exposing the heavy clay soil underneath. Clay soil needs a… Read more »

The secret to successful family gatherings (as told by the families behind the wineries of the King Valley)

In North Eastern Victoria lies the King Valley, and what many people would consider as the home of Italian wines in Australia. Prosecco and Sangiovese are their favourites. Every year in August, the wineries of the King Valley come to Canberra with wineries from the Rutherglen region in a festival called the Taste of Two… Read more »

Children and Cold Weather: Five considerations every parent should be aware of.

As you know, we live on a hobby farm. So staying inside, even when it’s freezing outside, isn’t an option. Fences still need to be mended, trees and other things need to be checked, pipes freeze and burst and require fixing… the list goes on. And then there is the charm of picking up icicles… Read more »

An all white bedspread with all white pillows, white walls and sheer white curtains. In the foreground the Little National paper is lying with two champagne glasses and a bottle of Moet.

Burbury Hotel and Apartments – my weekend staycation with the kids

In the years we’ve lived just north of Canberra, we’ve been to and reviewed so many different places and events in Canberra, so when people come and visit, I can pull together an itinerary for anyone… except that I can’t answer one question – Which hotel should we stay at? So when my husband decided… Read more »

Book Review & Giveaway! Those Pleasant Girls by Lia Weston

What would you do if you finally plucked up the courage to leave your philandering husband? Take your teenage daughter and move back into your childhood home in the small town where you spent all of your childhood years? Doesn’t sound so bad… A quick google on your high school crush tells you that he’s a lot… Read more »

Contentious Character Winery and Restaurant

With over thirty wineries located within a thirty minute drive of Canberra, we are positively spoilt for cellar doors to visit. However, if you want to have a nice meal with your wine… then the choices become rather limited – especially if you want a proper meal, rather than just pizza or cheese platters. But… Read more »

Farm Update: April 2017

Nothing like a conversation with real farmers to remind you of how unrealistic your best intentions were… Ok, on re-reading that first sentence it sounds like these farmers are being awful. They aren’t. They are wonderful. It’s just that they completely understand the monumental amount of work we’ve taken on (because they live this life… Read more »

Teaching the Next Generation about Fruit & Vegetables

Let’s buy a hobby farm and grow everything we want to eat! How wonderful will it be for the children to have a hands on understanding of where their good comes from. Sounds like an awesome plan, doesn’t it? Depending on who you are and what your experience is, you’ll either be swept up with… Read more »

Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社) Red Tori gates lined up one after the other

Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社)

Fushimi Inari (伏見稲荷大社) is a Shinto Shrine located at the base of Mt Inari in Kyoto. Inari, is the God of rice and is also seen as the patron saint of business. So you can imagine, this is a very important shrine to the Japanese! The foxes you see around the shrine, which my son… Read more »

  • Our Tree Change (Am I old enough for a mid-life crisis?)

    This is it. My family is going to pursue our dream of greener pastures, literally. When we bought our house, we thought our 900 plus square meter block was HUGE. We quickly set about major renovations, taking out asbestos walls, completely re-painting all of the interior and exterior, major landscaping – a blog entry all… Read more »

  • The Saga Continues

    So our story continues. The last few weeks may not have offered any solutions but there has been significant improvement from the first two months of his life. In week 9 we saw our little man smile for the first time! And what a tremendous smile he has! His whole face lights up. His smile… Read more »

  • Presenting a Perfect Image

    By the 9th week of my little boy’s life and the whole reflux/no sleep thing hadn’t really improved, even with half the pharmacy. That week with my son asleep in my arms and my daughter snuggled asleep beside me, I broke down and cried. It had all finally become too much. Problem was, once I… Read more »

  • So Many Things to Love About My Little Girl

    My daughter throws the most amazing tantrums and is the most stubborn and most persistent person I know. Because of this, what my mother used to say to me, often rings true for how I feel towards her. My mother used to say, “I won’t always like you, but I will always love you.” So… Read more »

  • Trusting your instincts

    Looking back now, those early days of crying were a tell-tale indicator. However we had a few other distractions. Whilst breastfeeding was going well this time (because, lets be honest, when something with a tongue akin to a cat’s is sucking at and pulling your nipple in ways that defeat imagination, you’d never say its… Read more »

  • We Have a Son!

    I had heard that girls are to their fathers, what sons are to their mothers. I had also heard that boys are more affectionate. So I was quite happy to find out that our second child was to be a son. I was looking forward to lots of cuddles – something our independent daughter is… Read more »

  • How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm

    Ever wondered how people raise babies in other countries? Or have you just assumed we all do it the same? If you’ve travelled, you’ve probably already realised that certain countries aren’t stroller friendly – and you never see the mums in Africa, on the Discovery Channel, pushing their babies around in a stroller… So how… Read more »

  • Teaching Children About War and ANZAC Day

    Tomorrow is ANZAC day. We all have different perspectives about war and the special days set aside as a time of remembrance. But no matter what your views, at some point you will be asked some fairly tough questions by your ever curious children. So how do you explain something as complex as war, let… Read more »

  • Press Here

    “Press Here” by Herve Tullet is a book made for boys. It always amazes me how boys need to touch and press everything. I realise not ALL boys and SOME girls also come under this category – but for me, boys stand out as compulsive button pressers.  That’s why this book is made for boys…. Read more »

  • Returning to Work

    It’s been a little quiet in my blog land. I’ve been learning to juggle work with my expectations of myself as a mother. Out there in the wider blog land, there are countless mothers commenting on their experiences returning to work. Most of them reluctantly returning to work, wishing they could stay home with their… Read more »