Ok, so it’s approximately 6pm. Dinner is finished. Actually my daughter has finished but my husband and I are still eating. Now cue the fun!

My daughter has been less and less inclined to eat a full dinner of late. I realise it’s a battle to get many children to eat but my daughter loves her food. Often she will eat more than me! Be careful if she finishes her meal before yours, as she will try that cute grin with her head tilted, hand gingerly extending to your plate. But even though she loves her food, there is a clear winner over dinner. Bath time. At 6pm-ish it’s time for a bath. Little Miss knows it’s time because we get out the towels and we use the ‘b’ word. You don’t want to actually say the ‘b’ word until you’re ready because you unleash the madness.

Picture those soccer players with their shirts over their head, bare bellies exposed, running circles with no apparent direction in mind. Now convert that image to a skinny, red-headed 21month old trying desperately (but unsuccessfully) to get her clothes off, running madly yelling, “Off, off, off. Me, me, me” (She’s just starting to put sentences together so this is her version of asking to have her clothes taken off). It is hilarious. One day I will capture this spectacle on video and bring it out at an opportune moment. But for the moment, Little Miss running around, pulling her outfit over her head in a desperate attempt to undress herself, yelling “Off, off, off. Me, me, me.” … Well my husband and I laugh so much there are tears in our eyes.

Written by Nadia

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