A lot has been happening at the house build. Unfortunately most of it is really boring. Pipes being laid, water tanks and sewer getting connected, electricity and phone connected and lots and LOTS of trenching being dug to house all these cables. But then, just when you think it’s all boring – the internal walls go up! And suddenly it all looks like a house. My daughter is no longer concerned that her bedroom is open to the weather and my son has decided that every room is his!

This first photo is looking from, what would conventionally be considered to be the side/back yard. We paid extra money to get all the windows changed into floor to ceiling size so we could maximise the view.


This is standing in the hallway, back towards the front door, looking towards the living areas. The lounge/dining is on the left and the rumpus is the far room. This really helps to explain why we paid all that money for large windows. You can see how the view of the mountains wraps around the house. The sliding doors are stacker doors and will completely collapse to the walls either side.


We didn’t get windows on the far wall of the rumpus because we felt we needed a wall!


Now we’re standing with our back at the entry to the rumpus, looking back up the hallway to the front door. You can see the light coming in from the sun setting through the front door. Our kitchen is on the left and we have a huge island bench. Perfect for cooking with the kids!


And last but not least, our alfresco area. What a view. That’s what it’s about. That view. In two and a half months time, my husband and I will be sitting there, beer in hand, kids playing on the lawn, enjoying that view. (On a side note, isn’t the dam looking good now it’s almost full!)


Did you miss last week’s post where we bogged the tractor? Always good to keep a sense of humour!



Written by Nadia

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