“The Palace of Versailles has never before lent a collection like this, drawn from all over the palace, to an exhibition outside France.” NGA director Gerard Vaughan

National Gallery pf Australia Versailles Exhibit Picture

I was lucky enough to be invited to an Instameet organised by the gallery. Champagne and masks provided on arrival, then a private tour of the exhibit!


Bring anything from Versailles and you know you are on to a winner. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to see these priceless pieces without the expensive holiday required to get to France? What really won me over in this exhibit though, was the variety of pieces they brought out, not to mention the famous pieces they aquired. I feel sorry for anyone who has travelled to Versailles expecting to see the 1.5 tonne marble Latona Fountain sculpture, because we have it.

National Gallery pf Australia Versailles Exhibit LA Tona Fountain

And, of course, with any exhibit what is often most interesting are the stories behind the collection. When the NGA team travelled to France to decide what would feature in the exhibit, they tentatively asked if they could take one of the candelabras from the Hall of Mirrors. After a quiet discussion it was decided that the NGA could not have one, as that would ruin the symmetry of the room. So instead they gave the NGA two!

20161210_174843-0201 National Gallery pf Australia Versailles Exhibit Writing Desk

When you arrive, apart from admiring the magnificent candelabras, take time to notice the distinctive scent. NGA have worked exclusively with master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, to create a scent inspired by Louis XIV. Just so your visit to the exhibit can be considered to be truly immersive!

National Gallery pf Australia Versailles Exhibit Gates


National Gallery pf Australia Versailles Exhibit Grand Room

This exhibit is exclusive to the National Gallery of Australia and will finish on April 17th 2017.


General admission  $20.40

Premium ticket $45.90 (provides access with a limited group before the doors are open to the public)

Season pass $27

For more information other ticket pricing and the exhibit, please visit the NGA website.



Written by Nadia

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Janice Taggart

Definitely worth a visit … it’s on the list for our next trip to Canberra.


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