A year ago, this week, Little Miss met her brother for the first time.

A year ago, this week, Little Miss met her brother for the first time.

Our family reached a momentous milestone this past week. Our Little Man turned one. I say this is a milestone for our family, because it is. The lack of sleep due to his bag of tricks, has affected everyone in our family. So we have all made it to the one year mark. And you know what… we are stronger than ever. I wrote an earlier post about how it is the tough times that really bring you close, and I stand by that. This year has been really tough, especially in those early months. Primarily due to lack of sleep and I’ve not been a stranger to that, writing about it with my daughter. I still consider myself lucky if I manage to accumulate six hours of sleep over the course of the night. I’d love to say we have turned a corner, but as my son’s paediatrician said last week, we may be battling certain things his whole life. It will be more a matter of learning how to live with his bag of tricks and minimise their impact, rather than them ‘being fixed’. Of course we consider ourselves fortunate that, apart from lack of sleep caused by discomfort, he doesn’t appear to be disadvantaged too much.

The one thing that we notice most, is how happy our little man is. Contrary to what he was like for the first few months of his life – he is really happy most of the time. In fact, a friend made a joke about the difficulty of finding a photo of him when he isn’t happy. My little baby, who if he was awake he was screaming, has grown up into a truly happy toddler. What I love about my son the most, is how engaging he is. He always wants to interact. This morning I stuck my tongue out at my husband when he made a cheeky remark. My son, who was sitting perched on my hip, swung in front of me, grabbed my face to get my attention, and promptly stuck his tongue out at me! He does little things like that a lot. He goes out of his way to be involved in whatever madness is going on. I love to watch him as he gives a cheeky grin or pulls someone in for a cuddle, always managing to engage with whomever is his target audience. You can’t help but smile. I dearly hope he keeps this cheeky aspect of his character. As my father frequently comments, you don’t need tv with these children – they are very entertaining!

Celebrating our son's first birthday

Celebrating our son’s first birthday


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