Have you ever been offered all the dessert you can eat? That is my idea of heaven… and that is exactly what I got to do, with a few other Canberra food bloggers. Sid, who owns and manages Mövenpick at the Kingston Foreshore, invited us to try Mövenpick’s new winter menu. It was so good that I took my family back later that week!

Children looking longingly at the selection of Mövenpick icecream


Mövenpick's owner, Sid


Like Sid, I discovered Mövenpick in Auckland. Sid took his love of Mövenpick, to another level when he and his family moved to Canberra. They decided that Canberra needed a Mövenpick, and thank goodness they did! Mövenpick go to extraordinary lengths to deliver on quality and taste. All Mövenpick ice-cream is made in Switzerland, as it has been since the 1960s. They are completely free from artificial additives, flavourings and colourings. That means that their strawberry ice-cream is made from real, fresh strawberries. In fact, their sorbets are comprised of almost 50% fruit. No wonder they pack a flavour punch! Try the lemon and lime sorbet. Seriously. So good. If you aren’t up for it as a sorbet, have it as a sparkling sorbet, which Sid has on his tray.


Mövenpick Waffles with fresh berries and strawberry sauce drizzled on topMövenpick source their ingredients from all over the world. They believe that Australia makes the best macadamia nuts, so that’s where they source their macadamia nuts. No surprises, they get their rum from Jamaica, Canadian Maple syrup from Quebec and their vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Mövenpick Pancakes drizzled with caramel sauce and toasted walnuts

And if you’re like my husband and have an allergy to peanuts – not to worry, there aren’t any peanut allergens to be found! Read the labels if you’re allergic to other nuts, or require gluten free. But I’m sure you’ll find something to tempt you as their selection of ice-creams and other desserts is extensive!

Mövenpick My family hovering over the icecream waiting to eat

My favourite from their new winter menu would have to be their Apple Strudel. I certainly ate more than my fair share of this! The pastry was crisp and flaky, and the strudel was jam packed full of apple. I should point out, that while the ice-cream is shipped in from Switzerland, all the desserts are made fresh when you order. In other words, the waffles and pancakes aren’t pre-made and microwaved… just saying… So delicious!

Mövenpick AppleStrudle drizzled with caramel sauce

And just so you can fully appreciate the flaky pastry…

Mövenpick Apple Strudel cut to see the apple inside. Beautiful flaky pastry

But let’s not forget this is an ice-cream shop!

Mövenpick icecream

My children’s vote? The chocolate fondue. So much fun! While I liked the marshmallows, they actually preferred the banana dipped into the chocolate fondue, and then smothered in white chocolate shavings.

Mövenpick Chocolate Fondue with bannanas, marshmallows, waffles to dip in

Mövenpick Fondant Cake, cut to show the inside oozing outIn Canberra, Mövenpick is located on the Kingston Foreshore. Make sure you say, “Hi” to Sid for me!

Check out the menu for up-to-date prices. But to give you an idea – Waffles will set you back $16.95, Chocolate Fondant Cake and Apple Strudel is $14.95, and the Chocolate Fondue is $26.95 for two.

Mövenpick is found in 40 countries around the world. If you aren’t lucky enough to visit the Kingston Foreshore gallery, check out the Mövenpick website to find the store nearest you.


Written by Nadia



Wow! No wonder my cousin raves about this place! I can totally understand why now.


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