For a variety of different reasons – lack of money to buy one, no space to put one up, moving house… you may not be able to have a Christmas tree up this Christmas. So this is your Christmas tree, when you can’t have a Christmas tree!

(Just in case you’re wondering, we made this tree last year, so if the children look a little young – that’s why!)


You’ll Need:

old cardboard box

two different colours of green paint (or some green and black paint)



Let’s Make It!

Draw out your tree on the cardboard. The box wasn’t quite wide enough so I used some cardboard from the top and added it to the bottom.

Roughly sketched outline of a Christmas tree shape on an old cardboard box

Sort your paint out. I only have one colour green so I added black to one bowl to get two different colours of green.



Ensure your children are in old clothes that can get mighty messy, arm the with a sponge each, then let them have fun.


It all starts harmlessly… until one of the decides to really ‘get into it’…


And then the inevitable happens and they feel the need to sit on the painted tree. This is the point where I give up and just let them get incredibly messy. Hence why we painted the tree out on the ‘grass’.


And, of course, there is the eating of the paint…


After an hour or so, your tree is dry and ready to be decorated.


We made baubles by cutting out circles in different coloured construction paper then stuck pre-cut squares and other things we found on them.

20141201_180753-01-largeAnd of course, make sure you remember to put your Christmas presents underneath it, so they can be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Christmas tree with unwrapped presents underneath


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Written by Nadia



Cute idea for babies, puppies, cats, lack of space and money! We don’t have any kind of tree…we gave up putting ours up then it got damaged by a storm so we just never replaced it.


Love it! That looks like such a fun activity with the kids. I love that you are outside and far away from anything so it can be entirely carefree

Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

What a great idea! The kids love getting into the paint and getting crafty don’t they? I must do it more often. The idea makes me want to run but generally when we do it I realise it isn’t so bad and it’s worth the enjoyment had by the kids!


What a great idea! Love it. We actually head to a hall on Christmas night for our extended family celebration (none of our houses are big enough for the MEGA FAMILY) so I might get the kids to do this at the hall! Pre-painted tree, hand them decorations to stick on. Thanks for the idea! #teamIBOT


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