Ever felt like you don’t quite fit the mould? Or see things a little differently to everyone else?

Then you’d be able to empathise with Luke. Luke’s Way of Looking is written by Nadia Wheatley and illustrated by Matt Ottley. What a magical partnership! The story is inspiring and the pictures are captivating. I read this book at the start of each year to my class. We explore the different perspectives in the book and how the different characters would be feeling at different points in the book. It’s a great book to read to children as they all feel for the terrible situation Luke is in because of how horrible and unfair Mr Barraclough is towards him. So how confronting it is for them when, later in the year, they realise they’ve been a little like Mr Barraclough – persecuting someone because that person doesn’t ‘fit in’ like they think they should, because that person is a little bit different to everyone else. Or perhaps they identify with Luke…

Both Nadia Wheatley and Matt Ottely are superb writers and all of their books should be read! So while you’re checking out Luke’s Way of Looking, be sure to give their other books a look.

If you think your child will enjoy reading this book, you can purchase it here. (Please note that this is an affiliate link. By purchasing the book from the link provided, you are giving me the opportunity to purchase more books for my own children – which enables me to write more book reviews!)

Written by Nadia

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