A few weeks ago Little Miss told her first lie. She bit the head of her dinosaur bath toy. When her dad asked her what happened (witnessed by her brother and myself mind you) she told him (in front of us) that her brother bit the head off the dinosaur. Hmmm… After the humour of the situation had passed, I began to become worried. Is this the start of my little girl no longer being so little?? I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t think children learnt how to lie until they were much older.Research says three years of age is when the lying starts. Great, so she’s ahead on that milestone. However weeks passed and no other lie was told. It seems that my little girl, was still my ‘little’ girl. Safe.

Until today.

Today she told her second outright lie. Little Miss had paused mid-play, in that stance that indicates she might be, probably definitely, doing a poo. So I asked her if she’d like me to take her to the toilet to do a poo (we are considering starting toilet training so we’re looking for opportunities). Nope. No need. Little Miss wasn’t doing a poo. One of her dolls was. Ok… Now I’d like to be the mum that thinks her child never lies, but I’m a teacher. All children lie at some point. I have no delusions about this. Plus, there was that smell. Sure enough, there was a poo. When I asked her again, she reaffirmed her previous statement, with a slight clarification. She hadn’t done a poo. One of her dolls had done a poo in her nappy. Hmmm… When I asked her which doll (for my sheer entertainment I wanted to see how elaborate this story would become) she told me that she wasn’t going to tell me because she didn’t want her doll to get in trouble. Humph. Trumped by a 2 year old.

The dolls in question...

The dolls in question…

Written by Nadia

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