Laika The AstronautLaika is a stray on the streets of Moscow, until she is chosen to be the first animal into orbit.

Most children I know have gone through a fascination of all things space at some point. Given, ‘Laika’ is our dog’s name (let’s just say my husband hasn’t quite outgrown his space fascination), I couldn’t resist this book. It did not disappoint. The book tells the story of a little dog who yearns to find a family and a home. Along the way, this little dog is chosen for a very important mission and becomes one of the most famous dogs of all time. This pictures are fantastic and emulate the Russian avant-garde movement which was very popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Laika The AstronautI was quite relieved to find that the author gave the story a much nicer ending than poor Laika’s fate in reality (the book is based on a true story), although he did acknowledge this slight depart from the truth in his note, where he wrote, “This story, with its happy ending fit for a true explorer, is the one I choose to believe.”

Laika The Astronaut

What you need to know about this book:

Title: Laika The Astronaut

Author & Illustrator: Owen Davey

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 978-1-74331-893-5

Written by Nadia

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