KokoBlackThe three Cs. I love them. Chocolate, coffee and cheese. But seriously, chocolate… that has to be be my first love. So as a serious chocolate lover, I have been an avid devotee of Haigh’s (handmade chocolates from Adelaide) for many years, have visited the various Lindt cafes, as well as San Churros… But had yet to be graced with the delights of Koko Black. However, having moved near Canberra – an opportunity presented itself and who was I to refuse?

Last month my mum and I found 15 minutes, where both children were in amicable moods at the same time. So we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Koko Black. I was seriously impressed. I ordered the Belgian Spoil – A traditional chocolate platter including two pralines, Chocolate Cherry Royale, Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Belgian Mousse and chocolate ice cream. The description does not do it justice. The chocolate ice cream was dark, slightly bitter and oh so divine. I can’t even begin to describe the Chocolate Cherry Royal – it was marshmallowy, melt in your mouth bliss. The only criticism I can come up with, is that it might be a little too much chocolate for one person – if you can say such a thing?!?

Dessert Platter at KoKo Black, chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffles, chocolate gateau, chocolate rasperry cake and chocolate mousse

The service was fantastic too. Nobody looked twice when I wheeled my double pram in. We were quickly shown a table down the back and the waitress helped shuffle the table so we could fit. No drama. Professional, friendly service. My daughter was delighted with our position as she could watch the baristas doing their thing.

KoKo Black Gateau Cake

The Chocolate Gateau is proving to be my favourite!

However, what won me over was such a simple thing. First let me explain my pet peeve. I really despise paying in excess of $2.50 for a babycino. Seriously. You want me to pay for milk froth? I can almost buy two litres of milk for that. Koko Black understand this atrocity. Yes, you still pay for the babycino but they give you an adorable teddy bear chocolate with it! I cannot tell you how over the moon my daughter was to receive this chocolate. I may or may not have stuffed my son’s chocolate teddy into the nappy bag before anyone realised… I mean, he won’t appreciate it like I will…

Little boxes of yum!

Little boxes of yum!

Needless to say, since writing this last month and posting it today, I have already been back. Many times. Many, many times! Each time I’ve been, I’ve had the same great service. When I’ve arrived my my toddlers – they’ve always been very prompt bringing the chocolate teddy bear, almost as soon as I ordered the babycino, even when they’ve been busy. It’s almost as if they understand that it’s in everybody’s best interest that toddlers get served first… they scream the loudest after all!

Truffles at Koko Black in the window

Do you think they’d notice if I pinched one on my way out? So tempting!

Written by Nadia

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Janice Taggart

Wicked and delicious – this is certainly one that makes it onto the favourite indulgence list.


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