When we bought our first Dyson vacuum cleaner a few years ago, we thought it was a bit of a self-indulgent splurge – justified by the fact I have an allergy to dust mite. Less than six months later, we loved it so much that we invested in the little hand held Dyson. So when we discovered Dyson also make bladless fans… well we were a tad bit keen to own one. You can imagine our delight when Dyson asked me to review their new Dyson Cool Fan!

Although the days of late haven’t been unbearably hot, they’ve definitely been in need of a breeze. Especially when I’m trying to put the kids to sleep. This is the perfect time of year to turn off the aircon and put on a fan instead.

DysonUnpackedMuch to my delight, the Dyson Cool Fan was ridiculously easy to put together. You begin to wonder, if Dyson can work out how to get a fan into only two pieces – what on earth are other companies doing? So in less than ten seconds, I had the fan put together. I probably would’ve been quicker but I had to stop to take a photo…

Now, I could go into detail about how Dyson’s new fans are 75% quieter than their old ones – and they know this because they got special people called Aero-acoustics engineers to check the sound with no less than 10 microphones. Or I could explain how they charted the airflow through the fan by using a translucent prototype and passing UV paint through it which they videoed… But while I applaud Dyson for all their work here, this is not what has impressed me. I love that this fan has a remote, so when you’ve found the perfectly comfy spot in your bed, or the sofa, you can easily adjust the speed of breeze and angle it in just the right direction without having to get up! Needless to say, this is perfect for when you’re rocking a grumpy child to sleep. No need to keep getting up and down to change the settings, just do it all via the remote. But the remote gets even better. There is a magnet in it so that the remote sticks to the top of the fan! You can see my remote stuck to the top of the fan in the picture below. This makes it almost impossible to lose the remote. How awesome is that! Now if only Dyson could develop something similar for my car keys, so I could find them just as easily as the air conditioner remote…

Before I leave this post, just one more bragging point. Children inevitably get into everything. Including fans. So the safety aspect in that this fan doesn’t have any blades, is the reason why we’ll be going out to buy the taller floor fan. I don’t have to worry about my children getting fingers caught in places they don’t belong.


Written by Nadia

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