This week ‘everything’ finally fell into place. Our 130m driveway on our property was finished, the septic tank was dropped into its spot, the water tank area was leveled and the 3 bay shed started to get put up. The shed might not sound like much but we need it so we can connect power to the site. In order for construction to start on our house, they need water and power. Next week we’ll arrange for at least 10 000 litres of water to be delivered.


The top picture is looking toward the road, the picture below is looking toward the house with the road behind you.


We’ve also been pottering around the garden where we are currently renting. Although it’s nice to be out in a garden… it isn’t ours, so it’s not the same. But at least we have a garden! We’ve actually been growing a lot of things in pots so we can take them with us. I have quite the herb collection and a very strong bay tree. All of which will get planted into the soil when our house is finally finished. Actually, we’ve been thinking of planting the vegetable patch soonish. That way the children and I have something to do whenever we’re at the property – while my husband is off putting up an inordinate amount of fences, or any of the other hundred tasks he has to do.

Although we are technically getting a lot of strawberries… they never seem to reach maturity. Either some animal eats them, or an eager child picks them before they are ready…

I must admit, I thought this flower had died, so I tossed it into the garden as green mulch… but it’s a tough little thing. It has even flowered again. I think I’ll ‘rescue’ it and put it back in it’s pot.

You try and tell my stubborn child that his trike won’t work on grass. He dragged/rode that thing for ten minutes before giving up and taking it back to the driveway.

I think his look says it all. Mischief. Always. Up. To. Mischief.

A year later and she still doesn’t have the hang of her Strider bike… but at least she looks the part!

The insane half of the family thought it would be fun to wash the car in five degree weather. The sensible one (me) watched with a warm drink in my hand, long enough to take a photo, and then retreated indoors – where it’s WARM!


Our build story on our property continues on July Week 3.


Written by Nadia

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