This week has been an interesting one. I started a contract job for the next six months (these things must be done when you over spend on your ‘dream’ house) and of course, it was also the same week my husband got sent to Sydney. So I faced the first week in a new job as a solo parent, doing drop offs and pick ups, not to mention the hour car ride each way, without back up. Fortunately my parents took pity on me, and came down for the week and my mum cooked dinner each night. They also got up early to help me get the kids dressed, fed and out the door. Invaluable! But the getting up to two toddlers who still wake several times a night – that was all my fun.

picture of us standing where the land has been cleared for our house, looking out to the view

On the weekend we went out to the property as they had marked and begun digging for the plumbing. This meant we could use the plans to see exactly where rooms were and what kind of views they would get. Was it going to look like what we thought in our head? I think my husband nearly choked when I mentioned (out loud) how I thought the house was going to be facing a little more to the right. I got a very stern reply that it was, “too late now.” I think that settled it. The house is situated perfectly.


Did you miss the start of our build story? It all started on July Week 2. This journey continues in August Week 1: The Frame Goes Up!

Written by Nadia

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