Understanding our feelings and expressing our emotions is a learning process that (I think) takes a life time. The good thing for children, is that there are a lot of books out there to help them understand how to express what they are feeling. A few weeks ago I reviewed the book ‘How Do You Feel?’ by Anthony Browne, but that was a book targeted towards younger children. This week I’m looking at a book designed for slightly older children, probably middle to upper primary.

I can tell you exactly why my daughter chose this book – the massive cut out love heart in the centre. The heart becomes the focal point throughout the story and often provides a good talking point.


We love the cute illustrations and the imagery in the words. We know exactly what author is talking about when she writes that she is so happy she, “could take off into the sky”. It is this wonderful imagery that makes this book brilliant for exploring emotions, which is a great launch pad to generating discussion about how we can cope with some of these “loud feelings and quiet feelings.”InMyHeart_JoWitekSML

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

Author: Jo Witek

Illustrator: Christine Roussey

ISBN: 978-1-419713-10-1

Please note that if you buy the book using the link in the book title, I would be so grateful as it is an affiliate link, which means I get a tiny amount that will help to add more books to my bookshelf for me to review.

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Written by Nadia



I love that there are more books about emotions being written for kids. Talking about feelings with our kids is so important. The pictures in this one are absolutely gorgeous too.


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