HowDoYouFeel_AnthonyBrowneSMLI was going to start this by saying that since both my children are of toddler age, I think picture books are really great for helping them understand the emotions they are feeling and how to express them appropriately… and then I remembered I work at a Primary School and even the children who are 12 years of age, are still learning how to identify and express their emotions effectively.

This is a book I bought for my two, to help them put words to what they are feeling and it’s worked a treat. Any time I think they are going through something, perhaps their behaviour is a little off, or they just aren’t communicating clearly… I pull out this book and we have a read. It often opens things up for discussion. I notice how much calmer my daughter becomes, as she is able to tell me what is going on inside that little head of hers.


I’ve long admired Anthony Browne and the cheeky monkey character who pops up in a lot of his books. My children are fast developing an affection for him too.

How Do You Feel?

Author & Illustrator: Anthony Browne

ISBN: 978-1-4063-3017-5

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you buy the book through the link in my website you are helping to fund my children’s library (and so I can continue to write many more book reviews!). The best part is, that the book is currently on sale too!

Written by Nadia

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