I have a few friends who have that rather cool style that you can only get when you buy those one-of-a-kind pieces that you pick up at markets which specialise in hand-made goods. That or they are truly talented and make it for themselves. I admire them. How they pull together colours and patterns effortlessly. I like to stick to what I call ‘classic style’… but what I really mean is, I look at the display window in Sportscraft and I then go and buy that exact same outfit. I have little to no understanding of how to pull together these bright, colourful looks. So instead I look wistfully at their funky jewelry and wardrobes that look like walking modern art galleries. Well, that was the case. Then Mikaela offered a class for some social media influencers on how to make resin bangles. Suddenly my deep hidden desire to work at Dinosaur Designs was awoken. Suddenly that funky, artful jewelry didn’t seem so unattainable. I signed up.

Mikaela runs The Makers Hub, located in Macquarie, ACT. She is one incredibly talented lady running workshops on making candles, screen printing, ceramic glazing, and my choice – resin jewelry.

MakersCollectiveI was really quite nervous going in. Remember, I’m not crafty. I’m good at copying, but not coming up with my own ideas. Mikaela didn’t help my nerves as she had copious options for us to choose from! Bowls, various bangles and so, so many rings…. and let’s not even start on the colours! Fortunately Mikaela is also adept at giving practical suggestions and guiding you through the process. Many of us had a vague idea on colours – or like me, looked at something she’d created and said, “I’d like to make a bangle like the colour of that bowl,” to which we were then given exact instructions on how to recreate that particular coloured base with that particular colour swirl pattern. Awesome. Just what I needed!

The various coloured resin bowls and bangles sit on top of their pink silicone moulds.

So many options to choose from!

A variety of sized glass jars sit on a white table. The jars are filled with a variety of colours.

Our extensive colour choice.

There was a lot of laughter, a ton of chatter and playful banter at our collective lack of creativity, and through it all, Mikaela gently guided us through the process of making the resin bangle. As a teacher, I really appreciated her knack at being able to get us to keep to our timetable, so that we could finish everything in time, without ever making us feel hurried or pressured. That’s quite a skill! The only time Mikaela knuckled down on our chatty group, was when the resin was about to set, at which point she diligently went into teacher mode – checking we were all stirring and pouring correctly so that our jewelry would turn out.

Mikaela is turning a green resin bowl in her hands, to show us how the colour swirl turned out.

Mikaela shows us how her bowl turned out.

My resin making tools - all ready to go.

My resin making tools – all ready to go.

My poured resin sits in the mould, a tad lower that the edge of the mould. This means that my bangle won't have a smooth edge.

As you can see, I didn’t fill it enough to get a nice edge on my bangle. But I can fix that with some sanding.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this workshop, and the best part is now I have this incredible jewelry to wear which I made myself – and it is the exact colour and style that I wanted. I’ve already got my mum and friends in Sydney committed to coming down so I can do another workshop. Whilst Mikaela does run workshops open to the public, I highly recommend doing what we did and getting together with a bunch of people you can laugh out loud with and have a private workshop. I should probably mention that she does run workshops for children. But seriously, children get all the fun. Make this one all about you. Even the blokes in our group enjoyed it. Special call out to them as they sweetly made jewelry for their better halves. How unbelievably romantic and thoughtful is that!

The finished bangle and ring sit on a white background. The colour is a jade green with a black swirl.

The finished bangle and ring!

Private workshops range between $45 to $75 and all you need is a minimum of five people. Extra cute – she even runs baby showers where you can get your craft on with a baby onsie! Check out Mikaela’s website for more details. Although be quick, her studio is closing in June. If you’re interstate, or you miss her closing date, and don’t want to miss out on all this crafty-ness, check out her tutorials, follow her Twitter account, or follow her blog.

My Wizard of Oz inspired bangle and ring. I used a clear base for this one so there isn't a solid colour fill. Instead it looks almost glass like. The green is much darker as the black mixed more in this one.

My Wizard of Oz inspired bangle and ring. I used a clear base for this one.

Written by Nadia



It was so much fun. Especially since we were all friends, so we could catch up at the same time!


Thank you! I think Mikaela is a big reason why I might look talented!! She made it easy. In saying that, it wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought.


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