A little while ago my daughter and I snuck off to Sydney for some mummy-daughter bonding. My Little Miss was most excited because she knew we were going to SEA LIFE Aquarium at Sydney Harbour. We hadn’t been there since she her brother had been born.

Needless to say, we are big fans of the aquarium. I had prepped her for our adventure by watching Finding Nemo. But we were on a special mission for this visit as we were attending the Bandai Namco Entertainment launch of the toys for the Finding Dory movie. My Little Miss only 4 years old, didn’t quite understand how we could be attending the launch of toys for a movie that wasn’t quite released yet – but she was wise enough not to turn down the offer of a visit to the aquarium, or the chance to find her very own Dory!

SEA LIFE Aquarium Starfish

SEA LIFE Aquarium contains over 700 species of aquatic life. There is truly something for everyone. Personally, I love watching the jellyfish, especially as the light them up with lights that change colour. Totally mesmerising.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Jellyfish changing colour with the special lights

My daughter loved the larger-than-life fish tank. There was always something to watch, particularly because it had multiple viewing windows so you could get different perspectives.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Fish Tank

We found Nemo…. (the best kind – the edible kind!)

Nemo CupcakeSEA LIFE AquariumBut the hunt was still on to find Dory. First we met Dory’s pals. Loads of gender neutral toys – a big plus in our house of one girl and one boy. Not to mention I’m a sucker for the educational aspect of toys that represent real animals. I have this hope that this will encourage my children to go and actually learn about the real animal that’s behind the toy they love. My favourite was the game where you have to balance the fish on the Hank’s tentacles. But watch out! Don’t wake Hank or he’ll send the toys flying!


Dory comes in many forms, from converting your voice to whale speak, to a build-your-own fish tank for Dory, and even a talking Dory complete with Ellen Degeneres’ voice.

SEA LIFE Aquarium Finding Dory

But eventually, after looking at what seemed like all of the 13 000 individual fish you can see at SEA LIFE Aquarium – we find our very own real life Dory!

SEA LIFE Aquarium A Real Life Dory among the coralSEA LIFE Aquarium is located in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Tickets are best bought ahead online, or as a package deal with some of the other attractions located in Darling Harbour. Maybe spend the morning watching the movie and take your talking Dory to find its real life counterpart at the aquarium!

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SEA LIFE Aquarium

Written by Nadia


Kirsty @ My Home Truths

What a fantastic adventure! We loved visiting the Under the Seas aquarium at EPCOT last year when we visited Walt Disney World in Florida which was based on Finding Nemo. It was so much fun looking for the clown fish and blue tangs, just like Nemo and Dory. We saw the movie on the weekend and it was so good – I hope Miss 4 gets to enjoy it too!


We are yet to see the movie – we aren’t exactly close to any cinemas! I am looking forward to watching it. I’m aiming for the school holidays.

So jealous of your trip to Epcot! I have been as a child but am yet to take my own children.


Wow, that looks awesome! I remember going to an aquarium as a kid and was in awe of all the sea life. I went to one in Singapore as an adult and it was equally as impressive! I need to take my kids. #TeamIBOT


I love visiting aquariums. and I’m glad my children have learnt to love it too! Oohhh, haven’t visited the aquarium in Singapore – too busy eating when I visit Singapore!!


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