It’s been a while since I’ve done a farm update. It’s been a while because we’ve had so much rain. SO much rain! I was at the Post Office the other day (Ok, quick clarification here – the ‘Post Office’ is also our general store/irrigation supply/take out food place where you catch up on anything happening in the area place. Almost everyone who lives within a 30 minute vicinity passes through this place at some point, so the ladies who work here know everything about everything going on in the area)… So, I was at the post office and I dared to complain about the rain. Quickly realising my potential faux pas, I asked if it was ok to complain about the rain. I mean seriously, from the flooding, to the pot holes, to not being able to build fences or lay pipes because the soil is so sodden… surely it’s ok to complain about the rain now? Yes. We can all officially complain about the rain. Apparently the farmers in the area have had enough. They need to mark lambs, sheer sheep, move animals to another paddock… this can’t be done with this ridiculous rain. So it’s ok. Complain away. Always good to know.

Long story short. All this rain, has prevented us from doing a lot. In saying that, we have gotten a bit done.

I’ll be using the royal ‘we’ here but in truth, my husband has done most of the farm work, while I’ve been doing all the boring mundane chores, such as the endless washing, cleaning, cooking and ironing that seems to pile up.

The children are riding up our 750m driveway.

Making the most of the sunshine and going for a bike ride up the driveway.

The grass seed we planted last Summer has taken, so know we’ve moved our fence from a courtyard size to something resembling a pint sized football field. This has been brilliant. We have been able to have a kick around with a football, fly kites, play chase and do all the kinds of things you’d love to do in a big backyard. But don’t be fooled. The weather is still cold. I’m talking tops of 17… and of course by the time we get home at 6pm, it’s really under 10… but that’s what layers are for! And the wind… ok, now I’m complaining. Let’s move on.

Looking over our expanse lawn. Blue skies in the background.

Not a bad size lawn really…

The channels are dug for the irrigation for what will be our potager garden. After the pipes are laid, we will build up the garden beds and cover the rest in gravel. We’ve also bought most of the timber and mesh we need to build the chook pen. Again, another thing that has been on the back burner with all this rain.

The orchard seems to be doing well. We don’t seem to have killed any of the trees. Always a bonus really. Especially since each tree set us back about $40… Points to my husband for hooking up the irrigation system (are you starting to see why the Post Office/general store/slash everything you might need store, stocks irrigation supplies??)

Looking from the orchard towards the house, the orchard is littered with tiny yellow cape dandelions (weeds)

Arctotheca calendula, cape weed, cape dandelion… not matter what you call it, our orchard is littered with them!


Looking along an espaliered tree, to the tractor.

We haven’t killed the orchard yet!

Our idea was to put up fences so we could buy some cows… but I think this will have to wait. Instead the paddocks were slashed last weekend. We’ve done this because, although we’ve been inundated with rain, soon it will be so dry and won’t be able to slash the paddocks because we could start a fire. There is a reason why Dorothea Mackella’s poem is considered a classic. The whole, “of droughts and flooding rains” with not a lot in between.

Children are standing on the lawn, under grey, windy skies, flying kites.

Taking advantage of the phenomenal winds to fly kites. Notice how rugged up they are? Apparently this is Spring…

While my husband has been having (sort of) fun driving all manner of machinery, I’ve been keeping the children occupied. Part of this has been pruning, weeding and checking fences. In doing so, I’ve discovered a large hole in the back fence – because, of course, the hole has to be in the fence furthest from the house… you know, I’m talking about a 500m walk here. One way. That’s if you walk there from the house in a straight line. Not that I’m complaining. It’s quite a nice walk really… We think this is where the resident fox is getting in and out. I didn’t mind the fox so much… until it started leaving bits of lamb around. Yes. You read that correctly, ‘bits’ of lamb. 

On the whole, it’s lovely waking up each morning to views like the one below. Makes the bedlam of life quite tolerable.


Written by Nadia


Jo @ Country Life Experiment

Never complain about rain lol. You never know when another drought might start. Though our house extension has been held up by 4 months, I would still not dare to complain. Secretly I’m looking forward to drier weather.


Hahaha – well as long as we can secretly wish for a little less rain then? I just want to be able to get some things done!


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