The glorious bookshop at The National Gallery

The bookshop at The National Gallery

I have two favourite places in Canberra – the National Gallery and the National Library (and how convenient that they are so close to each other). On the weekend, as a part of my 101human privileges, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop on social media and blogging at The National Gallery. I would’ve loved to have spent the entire day there, by myself (for once), visiting all my favourite paintings. But alas, with a sick child at home, my time was limited. So I headed out via the shop, because in case you didn’t know – they have the best books! And of course, it did not disappoint. It is really, truly difficult to find a place where absolutely every book is a gem and where they haven’t bought into the whole mass production/popular junk bandwagon. This is a place where I can tell my little girl to pick any book she pleases and I know it will always be quality.

Now I have to admit, I am a little bit of a Shaun Tan fan. So I’m pre-disposed to absolutely love any of his books before I read them. Combine that with Little Miss’s love affair of taking a small book with her on any car trip (yes, two bookworm parents make for a bookworm child) – how on earth could I pass up this little gem of a book?? (The book is just bigger than your hand – perfect for stuffing into little backpacks.)

little_eric_cover_s_shadowEric is an exchange student of sorts. He visits a family who try to do the usual touristy things and show him around. However, Eric isn’t interested in the things they think he’d be interested in and some of his questions are a little difficult to answer. But that really isn’t the half of it – of course, in true Shaun Tan style, much of the story is in the pictures.

This is such a charming story. I’m sure my daughter doesn’t understand half of it. At the moment we’re just enjoying the pictures more than anything. But that is the beauty of all of Shaun Tan’s books. Every time you read them, you understand a little more. As children grow, their understanding of the story will also grow. So let’s consider this book an investment, that will only grow more loved as your children grow older.

If you think your child might enjoy this book, you can purchase it here. (Please note that this is an affiliate link and that by purchasing the book through this link you are helping me purchase more books for my own children – and therefore review more books for you!)


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