Dear Doctor/Pediatrician/Medical Specialist,

I am writing to let you know that I think your product is faulty and has mis-leading advertising. If this was a dress, a $300 dress, it would be returned no questions asked because it did not fulfill its purpose, it is faulty and it does not meet the advertised description. You have sat and listened to my son’s medical history. You have agreed that this is medical/physiological, not behavioral. You have looked up the different medications we have tried on MIMS and at times even ‘googled’ them. You have had a chuckle about how we know more about reflux, the associated medications and treatment than you do. You have sympathized about how difficult it must be to have coped for so long without sleep. You have then proceeded to tell us that you don’t know what our next step should be, that our case is rare, that most babies have outgrown this by now. You have told us to continue trying what our research has suggested and to come back in another month or two to check in. You have then collected a $300 fee and secured another payment in another month…

But tell me… What exactly have you done to justify your fee? Exactly how have you helped us? As far as I can tell we’ve just handed over a large amount of money to have had our hand held. Anyone can look up medication on MIMS or ‘google’ it and tell us about it. We know, because that’s what we’ve done. We’ve had to do all this research ourselves because we have learnt first hand that, ‘If you want anything done properly, do it yourself.’ We’ve read the medical journals. You seem to know that because you had a chuckle and said that we know more than you. What I don’t understand is why we have had to pay you money to tell us that you don’t know what to do? I don’t know of any other profession that can justify asking such an exorbitant fee to tell someone that they don’t know. Seriously. Seriously!?! Just sit back and come to terms with what you’ve just done. You have charged someone $300 to tell them that you don’t know what is wrong or what to do. How on earth is that reasonable?

I would like a refund. You are a doctor/pediatrician/medical specialist. You are supposed to diagnose and treat medical issues. If you acknowledge that this is a medical issue, yet fail to diagnose and/or treat this… Why should you get paid? I would not be expected to pay a lawyer to stand up in court and say they don’t know how to defend me. I would not be expected to pay a teacher who says they don’t know how to teach my son to read. I would not be expected to pay a builder who cannot build my house. So explain to me why I’m supposed to pay you $300 to hear you say, “I don’t know.”

Yours sincerely,
One very tired, very ‘over it’ parent who just wants some answers from somebody who knows, or at least is willing to do their job and find out.

Written by Nadia

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