If you’ve been following my blog, you know that sleep has been something that is scarce in our house. In the year that my son has been alive, I would count myself lucky if I’ve managed more than ten nights where I’ve slept more than six hours without being woken up. Early on with my daughter, I blogged about an article I read which explained why, even though you may accumulate more than enough hours of sleep, it doesn’t provide the same quality of sleep that an uninterrupted block will give you. So, in an effort to look on the funny side of not having much sleep, I’ve compiled a list of silly things I’ve done… If you have children, I’m sure you’d be able to add a few of your own!

  • Thrown the plates in the bin, instead of the scraps.
  • Put the milk away in the pantry cupboard instead of the refrigerator.
  • Left the groceries in the car. Not realised until I went looking for the milk/butter/meat that I’d just bought. Then realised it was still in the car from the day before.
  • Tried to wash my face with shampoo.
  • Put my son’s nappy on my daughter and wondered why it was too small.
  • Made countless cups of tea. Forgotten I’ve made it. Made another, only to realise that I’d already made one.
  • Washed my hair at least three times before realising I’d already washed it.
  • Wondered why my son won’t look when I’m calling him, only to realise I’m calling him by the dog’s name (to be fair, both their names start with the same letter).
  • (So many times) I’ve thought I’d replied an email/text message. Grumpily wondered why they haven’t responded back, only to realise when I looked at the thread that I’d never replied to them in the first place.
  • Had conversations with people that I can’t remember, or thought it was a dream.
  • Gone out with the children for the day, only to have left their food on the kitchen bench.
  • Gone into the laundry to find wet washing in the machine, yet I can’t remember when I put it in the machine… Was it yesterday??
  • Been talking to someone, they are halfway through their sentence and already I can’t remember what they are talking about.

Written by Nadia



I am laughing along so hard because I have a four year old and a two year old so it’s soon enough for me to remember all that! I for some reason was the champion at putting the ice cream container back in the fridge instead of the freezer. The devastation when I’d go back hours later to a tub full of cold sludge!


Oh dear! I think I’d cry over the ice cream. I am continually amazed at how capable I was, yet lack of sleep has reduced me to a zombie who can barely string together a coherent sentence. Looking forward to when this passes. Please tell me it passes!


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