This week Bel from Mums Take Five is lending her crafty skills to my blog. Enjoy!


These little sensory bottles are not only fun to make but can be played with over and over (hopefully instead of the Christmas tree decorations)  They are cheap and get thrown around and I don’t even think twice about tossing it when I’ve seen it enough. You can make a bigger one if you like and put more in it – they are great to keep children amused for long car trips.

What you’ll need :The various things you could put in the sensory bottle - green rice, red and green balls, glitter, Christmas trinkets

A clear plastic bottle


Green food colouring

Fine glitter

Christmas treasures

Super glue

Piece of paper. Anything you can roll to form a funnel into your bottle


  • I made my rice green about an hour before making the craft. I just put some rice in the zip lock bag with a few of drops of green food colouring. Give it a good shake and mix up then lay on board (or cooking tray) to dry.  Time to dry depends on your rice, how much colour you add, how much rice you are colouring and the weather. I put about three cups in the sun laid out on a big board and it was dry within fifteen mins.
  • Christmas treasures. Use whatever you have.  We had some green,red and silver sequins, pom- poms, craft gems, and some Christmas theme sequins. I also had some little glitter candy cane and piece i think was off my door wreath.  You could use buttons or beads whatever works for you.


How to assemble:

Firstly roll your paper so it forms a funnel into the neck of your bottle.

Using a funnel to put the green rice in the bottle

Add a little rice, mainly to help stabilise the bottle.

Then take out the funnel and pop in your glitter and Christmas treasures.

Putting glitter into the sensory bottle

Roll your funnel back in and fill it up with rice.  We used a toy cup to help put the rice in.  

Pop on the lid and shake.

A close up of The finished sensory bottle with the green rice and Christmas trinkets

Let the kids have a play because it’s fun then borrow it for a little while and super glue the lid on. Trust me you don’t need green rice and glitter over your house or car!

The finished sensory bottle with the green rice and Christmas trinkets


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Written by Nadia



I’m thinking they are a great idea for older children to helps the little ones make. (I’m thinking that when we have friends visit with older children, they can help our toddlers make this)


Thank you for writing such a great article! We’ll be making them next week when I’m on holidays.


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