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Tell Me a Picture by Quentin Blake

I love art. I don’t always understand it, but I love it. I love how art draws out emotions and reactions from you. I love how a piece of art can encourage conversation and questions. My two are already regulars at various art galleries. When they were under one they seemed to prefer Cubism – I… Read more »

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Laika The Astronaut by Owen Davey

Laika is a stray on the streets of Moscow, until she is chosen to be the first animal into orbit. Most children I know have gone through a fascination of all things space at some point. Given, ‘Laika’ is our dog’s name (let’s just say my husband hasn’t quite outgrown his space fascination), I couldn’t… Read more »

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The Girl Who Made Rainbows by Peter Warrington

There was a girl in the city and she loved rainbows. What would you do if the thing you loved most, one day disappeared altogether? That was what this little girl was faced with, when one day it stopped raining. Without rain, she couldn’t see her beloved rainbows. This charming little book takes us on… Read more »

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Eric by Shaun Tan

I have two favourite places in Canberra – the National Gallery and the National Library (and how convenient that they are so close to each other). On the weekend, as a part of my 101human privileges, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop on social media and blogging at The National Gallery. I would’ve… Read more »

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Risky Business

All too often I see children hesitate to do something incase they make a mistake. The pressure on children to succeed is huge and from such a young age too. I think we forget to tell them that on the path to success, we fall many, many times. We only succeed when we have the… Read more »

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Teaching Children About War and ANZAC Day

Tomorrow is ANZAC day. We all have different perspectives about war and the special days set aside as a time of remembrance. But no matter what your views, at some point you will be asked some fairly tough questions by your ever curious children. So how do you explain something as complex as war, let… Read more »

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Press Here

“Press Here” by Herve Tullet is a book made for boys. It always amazes me how boys need to touch and press everything. I realise not ALL boys and SOME girls also come under this category – but for me, boys stand out as compulsive button pressers.  That’s why this book is made for boys…. Read more »

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Hairy Maclary

There is a range of books in the Hairy Maclary range. After Little Miss experienced a trip to the vet with our dog, I thought it was apt that we start with Hairy Maclary’s Rumpus at the Vet.  To be honest, at five months, I think she’s a little young to appreciate this properly. The… Read more »

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Looking at Art 1 2 3

Learning to count is inspired through artwork in this great little book. The National Gallery of Australia has released two books in this series – Looking at Art: 1 2 3 and Looking at Art: Colours. Using famous artwork, all found at the National Gallery, your child explores counting and colours in a much more… Read more »