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Re-inventing Homework: For Parents and Teachers

School has gone back… and so the homework battle begins. But this is not your typical homework post. I am not going to argue the merits for and against homework. Instead I’m going to shift the discussion. Early on in my teaching career, I cottoned on to a good thing. I set videos as homework. After… Read more »

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Chores & Children: The what, how and why.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a friend and the topic of chores came up. She wanted to know if my children did chores. Keep in mind, my son is 18months and my daughter has just turned 3. I replied, “Of course.” See, I hadn’t ever thought that children wouldn’t do chores. When I… Read more »

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Do you have a budding green thumb in your family?

I love gardening, but so far most of our gardening has centred around what we can eat. I’ve been thinking about expanding our interest, especially since our children are at an age where they love to help. But having moved to the Canberra region only recently, I’ve been a little stumped as to what we… Read more »

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Mookies – very scary indeed!

My daughter is absolutely petrified of them. Trying to put her to sleep at night is an ordeal because of them. Even during the day she will burst into tears because she is convinced she can see them. What are they? How would I know? They don’t exist. At least, not in my world. But… Read more »

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Buying for Baby: Where I Wasted My Money & What I Invested Well In

Where I Could’ve Saved My Money I hesitate writing this because it could cause me a lot of grief with my husband (he is the budget person in our house). Oh, and this isn’t a sponsored post – just my honest reflections. The Cot When we were buying things for our first child, we identified three… Read more »

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The Modern Day Chain Letter Asks: Why Do I Write?

Do you remember chain letters at school? I always felt rather privileged to be nominated to continue them. Sad but true. They can’t ask everyone you know? Well today’s post is part of a blog hop – which is like a modern day chain letter. Topics are set, in this case four questions, one blogger… Read more »

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My Little Man Turns One!

Our family reached a momentous milestone this past week. Our Little Man turned one. I say this is a milestone for our family, because it is. The lack of sleep due to his bag of tricks, has affected everyone in our family. So we have all made it to the one year mark. And you… Read more »