In the years we’ve lived just north of Canberra, we’ve been to and reviewed so many different places and events in Canberra, so when people come and visit, I can pull together an itinerary for anyone… except that I can’t answer one question – Which hotel should we stay at? So when my husband decided he was going to have a boy’s weekend at our place, which meant I needed to find somewhere to go for the weekend, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to trial a hotel. I reached out to Doma Hotels, who have Little National, Burbury Hotel and Apartments, Hotel Realm and Brassey Hotel in their collection. The team at Doma suggested Burbury Hotel and Apartments as their most family friendly option and we agreed.

We arrived at the Burbury Hotel around 3pm on Saturday, after an afternoon spent flying kites at the Aboretum. Check in was easy. We parked the car just out the front while we went inside, checked in and collected our key. Parking was also easy, there were plenty of spaces to choose from just underneath our building. Then it was a quick trip up in the lift to our apartment.

Our apartment was massive. Absolutely massive. We had two bedrooms, one bathroom, one ensuite and a full kitchen, including microwave, compact dishwasher, oven, full-size fridge and, my favourite, a Nespresso coffee machine complete with pods and milk. Did I mention they also left a bottle of Moet for me? Oh. My. Heaven.

Almost every kitchen gadget you’d want!

I quickly decided that the children should take the room down the end of the hallway and I made myself at home in the generous bedroom just behind the living area (the one with the ensuite which was as big as the main bathroom!)

This was the children’s bedroom!

The children were so excited to see they’d each been given an activity pack.

Movies on demand meant I could unpack in peace, as the children settled down to watch ‘Ballerina’. A quick perusal of the hotel information and I picked Ostani for our dinner, which is just across the road from the Burbury Hotel. I’ve been there for drinks after work, but I’d never been there for dinner. Activity packs had also been left out for the kids. This was invaluable at dinner as it kept them occupied while we waited for our meal to arrive.

A friend who lived in Canberra joined us back at our room after dinner, and this is where the apartment really shone. Unlike a hotel room, I could put the kids to bed in their bedroom, then we opened some bubbly and sweet treats and watched a movie ourselves. We had no concerns we’d wake the kids, as they were in their room down the end of the hallway. In fact, I had a wonderful nights sleep as I couldn’t hear them. Bliss. The storage in the apartment meant that I could pack away the kid’s toys when they went to bed and pretend that I had this luxury hotel apartment all to myself. Again. Bliss.

The beds? They were soft, with equally soft pillows, but not so soft that you ended up with a sore back. They are also king size, so when the children ended up in bed with me at 5am, we still had room to spare. The windows have both sheer curtains and block-out roller blinds. Anyone with young children appreciates the precious extra time in bed that block-out blinds give you. Not to mention if you still have young ones who nap in the middle of the day.

The main bedroom – all to myself!

Isn’t it the way, give them a king size bed and they find a way of sleeping on top of each other. My son started out on the other side… how a child with sleep disorders makes his way across the bed without waking up, I will never understand.

The next morning we headed out for the buffet breakfast at the Burbury Terrace. So much choice! From the yoghurt bar, to the pastries and cereal, to the cooked breakfast with omelettes and eggs made to order. Oh, and did I mention the kid’s favourite – the pancake machine! Between the three of us we tried everything, so we can say unequivocally that the breakfast is awesome. After indulging in pizza and cake at Ostani the night before, I really appreciated the healthy options at the buffet.

Dark greay tiles line the floor of the Terrace Buffet. Floor to ceiling windows, dark timber tables, dark timber planelled walls with white ceilings. A very modern and practical dining room.

The beautiful setting for our buffet breakfast

In silver bowls sit an array of figs, cranberries, apricots, pistachios, then there are equally large silver bowls full of cocoa pops, cornflakes, all bran, and nutri grain. There are platters overflowing with pastries and another platter full of different breads. There are also heated containers full of spinach, tomatoes, bacon and sausages.

You cannot fault the spread at the Burbury Hotel’s buffet breakfast!

As we left, the my daughter asked if she could take some fruit with her (her nickname isn’t ‘Hollow Legs’ for nothing). The chef, who was standing nearby, started up a conversation with her about the origins of the Granny Smith apple (her favourite kind of apple). He then went on to direct the kids to the floor to ceiling windows on the other side of where we sat, where he pointed out various landmarks around Canberra. From our the Burbury Terrace we could see Parliament House, Mt Ainslee, the Russell precinct and the top of the War Memorial. Needless to say, they were captivated. And I was glad to hand over the reigns of answering the endless questions toddlers have to someone else for a couple of minutes. If you’re a regular reader of my blog – you know that the staff for me are what sets places apart. The chef on that morning was fantastic. Not only was he good with the children, he also gave us some vanilla custard he’d been experimenting with to try with our pancakes!

Canberra shines in Autumn – aren’t those trees in all their different colours just gorgeous!

Grab a table by the window so you can soak in the views as you eat.

Just as we sat down to eat out pancakes, the chef appeared with that overflowing bowl of vanilla custard for us to try.

The Burbury Hotel is rated as 4.5 stars, and the Apartments are of exceptional quality too. They range from 55sqpm tp 85sqm. Their website has a lot more information. If you’re coming without children, you’ll have to try out the day spa and health club. I am yet to try those out! Well that’s a reason to escape for another weekend really… Maybe next time I’ll bring my husband!

An all white bedspread with all white pillows, white walls and sheer white curtains. In the foreground the Little National paper is lying with two champagne glasses and a bottle of Moet.

Written by Nadia


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