It is almost like a right of passage that at some stage of their life, every child will be fascinated by Space. Whether it’s the space rockets, the stars or the planets – something always manages to capture their fascination. When that day happens, buy this book.

There is an astronaut asking the question, "Can I be an astronaut?" and a person dressed up as a green alien with four eyes asking, "Are the aliens in space?"

We loved reading this book together. I must admit, it did become a bit of a trivia quiz competition between my husband and I, to see who could answer the questions correctly before the children opened the flaps… just warning you, in case you’re as competitive as we can be!

This is an entire page from the book. The background is black and all the questions target the What? question. There is a giant space station, which you lift to answer the question, "What's inside a space station?" and a picture of a galaxy which you lift to answer, "What's a galaxy?"

The book is arranged into different questions exploring the answers to; Where, What, Why, How, Who, Which, and (my toddler’s favourite for guessing) Yes or No. My children were particularly awed when they discovered that a schoolboy had discovered a new planet. We now have two children who are convinced that if they look at the stars long enough, they too will discover new planets… we’ll leave the whole discussion about the sort of telescope that would require for another day!

This is a delightful book and the lift-the-flap layout only adds to the fun. In my teaching years, I have taught units on Space three times, but we all still learnt a lot about space form this book!

Giveaway!The front cover of the book is black in background, with various space 'stuff', such as astronauts and rocket ships,  having speech bubbles with the questions, who, what, where, why

Once again Harper Collins have kindly given us two books to give away.  To enter, make sure you follow me on one of my social media channels and answer the question, “What question do you (or did you as a child) have about space?” Leave your comment on this post, or my Facebook page. Simple! The most interesting question, wins. This competition is only open to Australian Residents and closes at 10pm (AEST) Tuesday 16th August 2016. Winners will be notified before publication.


Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Space

Author: Katie Daynes

Illustrator: Peter Donnelly

Designer: Suzie Harrison

ISBN: 978-1-4095-9899-2

Written by Nadia

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