Ok, we all know that a baby needs a cot, nappies, wipes etc… Here are some things that I’ve bought that have saved my sanity many times!! (and no, I’m not sponsored by any of these companies)

Baby Connect App

Especially in those early days, when you are so tired you don’t remember what time of day it is, let alone when was the last time you changer their nappy or how much they ate – this app is fantastic. Admittedly, I’m quite partial to statistics and graphs so this has great appeal to me. I can see instantly how much I’ve fed her, how much I’ve expressed, how many nappy changes, how much she’s slept… and all this is presented in graph form as well. You can also see averages and total for the week/month/etc. So when those books are telling you that they should be having this many hours of sleep, or drinking this much formula/milk during the week – you know! Having it all handy in the phone is great – no fumbling for a pencil and paper. When Little Miss was unwell, the first few questions from the doctor are always about how much they’ve been eating and how many wet nappies they’ve had – easy to answer with this! If your doctor is technologically inclined, and wanted more detail – you can even email them the information before you arrive. Also useful to note that you can use it over the internet, as well as your iPhone/Andriod.

Itti Bitti Change Mat

I wish I’d got this earlier. The PUL minkee fabric ensures it’s lovely and soft, yet it’s still waterproof. Easy to throw into the wash and has washed well after many uses. Not to mention – how cute are the fabrics!! We also use this as a mat to sit on when out and about – at the park, at other people’s homes (to avoid those vomit up-chucks all over a friend’s carpet)… So many uses!

Fisher Price Crinkle & Clack Butterfly

This would have to be one of the cheapest toys I’ve bought. From birth to now (eight months), it’s still a favourite. Easy for her to grasp, makes a clacking sound when shaken and wings crinkle when touched. Hours of entertainment!!

Stacking Cups

There is delight when I stack them, squeals of laughter when they fall and multiple teething opportunities – so many different things to chew! I’m sure as she gets older, she will enjoy stacking them herself. For the moment – that joy (?!?) belongs to me! I have the Ambi ones. They are a thicker plastic with nice rounded edges. The ones with thinner edges leaves marks on her face as she tries to shove the entire thing in her mouth at once!

Fisher Price Bird Rattle

Not only is it a rattle, but the rings are great for teething as well as attaching toys to prams. I’ve also used them to attach a muslin wrap to the top of the pram, to help block out the sunshine. (But on that note, studies have shown how having a blanket, muslin wrap, etc, over a pram can significantly increase the temperature inside the pram – just think of children left in cars…)

Brother Max Formula Container

Most formula dispensers are ugly and bulky. This one is nice looking and, due to it’s slim shape, slips easily in and out of the nappy bag. Great when you have an impatient eater like my daughter! Nothing gets between her and her food!! Even better, as they get older, it has a funnel thing that fits on top so that the formula can still be put in easily.

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

This mobile was brilliant. Not only does it play music and turn, but the toys face down to the baby (I am amazed at how many of the mobiles are made more for the parent to view, while the baby gets the underneath view of the animals). The mobile has an arm and clip attachment so that you can attached it to a change table or portable cot. If you want to take it with you, it also has a velcro strap that attaches to a clip, so you can clip it to the pram hood, etc. Runs on batteries, so easy to transport. I had it playing at every nappy change and haven’t needed to change the batteries yet. Little Miss would sit for ages under this. Her first ‘words’ (baby mumblings) were to the toys on it. She would happily chat to this mobile and entertain herself – giving me guilt free long showers. (I would put Little Miss on her mat in the bathroom with this turning overhead)

Tupperware Ice Cube Trays

Unless you want to be tied to your kitchen, when you wean your bub onto food, you want to prepare in bulk and freeze the meals in portions. I know Tupperware is expensive, but it lasts! The best thing about these ice cube trays are the little buttons on the silicone base that allow you to pop the food out easily and the fact that there is a lid. The lid on the trays stops smells and other nasties from transferring into your food…. and if you’re still a little clumsy – they also stop spillage! And the best part, after bub has finished with them, you can make ice cubes (of course), freeze lemon juice in them, home made stock… the possibilities are endless!

Tommee Tippee Utensil Holder

This container is a little expensive compared to others, but it fits most utensils and is easy to clean. I know you can use zip lock bags, but I don’t see the point when there is an alternative. Those bags can also get expensive after a while and not the greatest for the environment either.

Written by Nadia

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