It’s just past 6am and I’ve been up since 4am with our little man who is struggling to settle all thanks to his two top teeth which are cutting through… But all I can think about are the chocolate croissants from Autolyse in Braddon. Yes. They are that good.

Autolyse is new to Canberra, only opening in early 2013, however it has already made its mark. I was drawn to it after reading reviews stating that they had the best croissants outside of France. Could it be because they import all their flour from France? Or perhaps because all their bread is hand made? And we all know how particular the French are about bread! So serious that in 1993 the Décret Pain was issued which not only regulated how and where traditional baguettes should be made, but their ingredients too.

There is some seating at Autolyse, however we’ve never sat on their trendy seats (with a toddler and a bub that is furniture cruising, we are realistic in our aims when we go out to eat). The cafe part of Autolyse reminds me of the cafes in Melbourne’s little lanes, or around Darlinghurst/Surrey Hills in Sydney. Most people, like us, seem to grab their food to go and with all the beautiful parks and gardens close by in Canberra, why wouldn’t you? According to the media they will soon be opening another branch in the new Kingston development. Can’t wait. Can’t possibly get enough of their yummy baked goods.

My recommendations: Chocolate croissant, plain croissant, Kingston biscuit and their sourdough.

Hmm… They open from 7am on weekends… Perhaps we could drive there now?

Autolyse Website
Autolyse on Facebook

Written by Nadia

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